HELP! Ring gear bolts backed out.

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by sailbrd, Sep 25, 2004.

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    I just noticed a leak and then found a crack in my Aluminium housing cover. Pulled the cover and found 2 ring rear bolts. This rear end was set up by a professional ? with all brand new Eaton posi and gears. Less than 2000 miles on it. Why should this happen and what should I do? So far I do not see any gear damage and only one of the bolts is chewed up badly. What is the torque setting for the ring gear bolts?

    Just got back and found a 3rd ring bolt half way out. Also other bolts can be loosened with about 15 ft/pounds of torque. According to specs they should be 60#. Bolts also have a lock washer on them. Not sure if you supposed to have a lock washer on these bolts.
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    I would remove the carrier, remove all the ring gear bolts, and clean the bolts, and holes with carb cleaner, apply locktite to each bolt, and torque them per your manual's specs. The won't come out again

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    I'd take it to the "pro" who built it, request he fix it and bump the warranty back to as new.

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