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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by gaw6584, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. gaw6584

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    My 70 skylark has 8.2 rear end I want change it to posi and 342 gears will this work if so where do I go to buy the stuff I want to stay with my 8.2 if I can please help :Dou:
  2. michael santa

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    forget it as there are no parts for that rear end made anymore. one carrier bearing is larger than the other. find a newer 10 bolt or go to a 12 bolt as it will be chaper in the long run. you can pick up a GM corporate 10 bolt out of anything from the 70's/80's that is the same width and then go to a reputable weld shop and have them change the mounting flanges from you original 8.2 for $50.00. the posi parts and gears are cheap for the corporate rear end. I have one in my 10 sec turbo and it is fine. I also have one in my mid 13 sec stage 1 park avenue with 4.10 posi and it has been fine for four years of street/strip racing. the parts for you rear end if you find them would cost more. I have done this three times now.

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