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    To me 'jewelry' means all stainless, chrome, anything in the way of good prep and final paint. Stripping down to bare metal reveals previous damage or not quality repairs that if not re-done right will come back and haunt you when the new paint begins to crack etc. in a few years. Again I don't think you get all jewelry taken off, minimum repair and quality paint for less than $12-15K but that may be a reflection of our D/FW area of the country. Maybe labor rates are cheaper in different areas of the country. We are seeing low rates at quality shops at $75/hr to over $100-120/hr. I removed bumpers, grill, fake hood scoops, trunk trim, and some logos that I could get to on my GS400 convertible to save a few dollars.

    Larry's1 - Copy.jpg
    Since installed new stock rear springs and car is now level and looks better
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    OZ Yes i meant strip to metal. Yo got that right not 7k
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    Thanks Steve , yeah, I think Chuck misinterpreted my question.
    But then gave me more info on labour rates over there which is informative.
    Im always open to learn new stuff.
    I found the link to how Hugger works a really good read .
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    $85 per hour plus materials.

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