Found Out I have Cancer Last Week

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by wild1965, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. chryco63

    chryco63 14's or bust!

    Wow, Scott! Amazing story indeed! I had a similar thing happen to me a few weeks ago...

    My girlfriend and I were sitting on her couch one evening just talking, and the sore throat from my cold started coming back. I was finding it hard to swallow and talk, and soon, I sort of just kept quiet. My girlfriend knew what was wrong, and without my knowledge, she started praying for my sore throat. I had been trying to avoid swallowing to avoid the pain, but about 10 minutes after she started praying, I swallowed, and the pain was gone!! I asked her, "have you been praying?" and she said yes. WOW! I was just totally amazed! :)

    Indeed, the power of prayer is strong, and you will be in my prayers, Bob.
  2. phd304

    phd304 Well-Known Member

    GOD BLESS..................

    GOD BLESS........I`LL PRAY FOR YOU..........

    RATROASTER BPG#1291, GS-CA#2265

    Bob, hang in there. God is on your side!!:TU:
  4. TXGS

    TXGS Paint by numbers 70 GS 455 4spd

    God has a plan for ya bob! We will pray for ya
  5. wild1965

    wild1965 Well-Known Member


    Had my first Chemo last Thursday. Sill at the hospital being closely watched. Keep up the prayers guys and gals. They are helping. And when you start out in stage 4 - You need all of God's healing power that you can get.

    Thanks to all and hang in there with me!

    May God bless each and every one of you.

    GSXMEN Got Jesus?

    We're there for you Bob.:TU: Turn all your concerns over to the Lord!! Stay positive!!:Smarty: :bglasses:
  7. Skwee-G

    Skwee-G Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

    Wishing you well

    Every morning the Cardinals are singing their sweet spring love songs.
    Wishing you well-

  8. SmittyDawg

    SmittyDawg Need another garage....

    We're there for you, Bob....and so is the Lord. I've passed this onto my Mom who has an incredible prayer network....there's power in prayer, Man!!:TU:
  9. 68lesabre

    68lesabre Well-Known Member

    Hang in there Bob.
    We will do some praying from this side of the world.
    All the best to you and your family.
  10. MikeM

    MikeM Mississippi Buicks

    Some prayers from China can't hurt. We've got you covered around the earth.
  11. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    Still praying for you Bob. :TU:
  12. Well-Known Member

    Bob has passed on-

    got the word thru Ed and Kevin on this list.......I'm sure there will be a long procession of Buicks-
  13. BillMah52

    BillMah52 Well-Known Member

    May God except him into His kingdom and have mercy on his soul.
    Please pray for his family.
  14. Mentalkase

    Mentalkase Desert Coonass

    :ball: I am sorry for his family and friends loss,may God bless them each and comfort them at this heavy time of loss.

    :TU: But it is cool that he no longer in any physical pain and will be waiting for them and us with our Daddy,tears in his eyes full of joy.
  15. 68 LeSabre 4dr

    68 LeSabre 4dr Well-Known Member

    God Bless you Bob and take you by the hand . We shall pray for you and your family .

    You are missed .
  16. my3buicks

    my3buicks Guest

    sure hits the heart

    it sure does hit hard when Bob was the same age as myself. You take so much in life for granted and at such a young age it can all be over. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that he like I had kids at home that will no longer have a dad at home to guide them through the everyday trials called life. My prayers and thoughts are with his family.
  17. Skwee-G

    Skwee-G Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

    So Very Sorry

    He is pain free and at peace.

    Will think of his survivors and hope knowing others are thinking of them helps with their loss.


    RATROASTER BPG#1291, GS-CA#2265

    Bob, God bless your soul as now you may sit next to the Lord.
  19. chryco63

    chryco63 14's or bust!

    Lord, have mercy on his soul and please bless his family with only the comfort that you can provide. Amen.
  20. Floydsbuick

    Floydsbuick Well-Known Member

    Sad to hear about Bobs passing. But I draw much comfort from his statement here. I pray for comfort for Bobs family.

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