Fat or skinny Poll!

Discussion in 'Race car chassis tech' started by alan, Feb 8, 2002.


Do you like cars that look

  1. Stock (with stock rims/tires)

    93 vote(s)
  2. Mostly stock (aftermarket rims/tires)

    93 vote(s)
  3. Un cut (larger tires/rims, lowered)

    160 vote(s)
  4. Cut it a little (Mini tubs, larger tires/rims)

    60 vote(s)
  5. Cut it up! (steam rollers!)

    56 vote(s)
  1. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    Looks like steam rollers are in a close race for 2nd!

    Un cut (larger tires/rims, lowered)             35.11%
    Mostly stock (aftermarket rims/tires)           20.21%
    Cut it up! (steam rollers!)                     19.15%
    Cut it a little (Mini tubs, larger tires/rims)  13.83%
    Stock (with stock rims/tires)                   11.70% 
  2. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    Un cut (larger tires/rims, lowered) is still way out in front, but Cut it up! (steam rollers!) has taken second place! (just don't be cuttin' up any nice original GS's!!!) :error: :laugh:

    Un cut (larger tires/rims, lowered)             33.33%
    Cut it up! (steam rollers!)                     20.72%
    Mostly stock (aftermarket rims/tires)           18.92%
    Cut it a little (Mini tubs, larger tires/rims)  15.32%
    Stock (with stock rims/tires)                   11.71%
  3. mechacode

    mechacode Well-Known Member

    If the car was already killed and needs a new back half, and has the power to back up the steamroller look, go for it.
  4. BirdDog

    BirdDog Well-Known Member

    Need to add: All of the above. I like em all, every car has it's own personality.
  5. Buicks4Speed

    Buicks4Speed Advanced Member


    10" tire ALL the WAY! whether its cut or not.
    It puts more of a challange and skill to the game. Plus you'll never line up the fence line with people like you do with a wheels up small tire car action. When was the last time you seen a big attendance of spectators at a bracket race? ( Just pickin' at the bracket racers :Brow: ) Maybe every once in a while but nothing like you get with good "Heads-Up" action. I've been paid to show up and qualify along with some of the guys I race with. Its made me partial but its also made me give it alot more respect for the time, money ,and effort it takes to make a fast small tire car.

    Small tires get my vote and respect! :TU:
  6. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    Just what I need, something else to cause me to pull my hair out! :Dou: :laugh:
  7. Buicks4Speed

    Buicks4Speed Advanced Member

    Just what I need, something else to cause me to pull my hair out!

    Well, if you stop pulling on your hair and get to workin' on that car.............:laugh:

    I know what you mean, but I got it figured out now. I just have to get back to get it straightened out. THe end result? I'll either break it or go really FAST! I'm getting it set up to use a 400-700 hp shot of Nitrous. Sounds like fun.......:blast:
  8. loc8tr

    loc8tr Well-Known Member

    my $.02
    I like a small tire car...........whats more impressive at the track? A tubbed pro streeter with 3/4 of the engine sticking outta the hood running 11s, or a stock appearing 10" tire car with a 'chute, hangin the frt wheels, runnin 9s?
    I like'em both but if your gonna show your muscle you better have the Muscle to back it up..................GO SLEEPERS!!!!!!!
  9. mygs462

    mygs462 Well-Known Member

    If it already needs cut why not go for it. cut it, stuff it with huge meats and a twin turbo bulldog big block.. and have fun :3gears:
  10. StreetStrip

    StreetStrip Well-Known Member

    That is so hard. I like the NASCAR look with the same size tires all around.
    Tame stock looking rims with mean tires.

    But if your going to do real drag racing. You got to slap on some monster meats.
  11. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    Un cut is holding it's own, but Mostly stock has moved up to second. Stock is still last but is gaining ground!

    Un cut (larger tires/rims, lowered)             34.76%
    Mostly stock (aftermarket rims/tires)           20.00%
    Cut it up! (steam rollers!)                     16.19%
    Cut it a little (Mini tubs, larger tires/rims)  14.76%
    Stock (with stock rims/tires)                   14.29%
  12. GSX-Rated

    GSX-Rated Well-Known Member

  13. Stage2Scott

    Stage2Scott Well-Known Member

    Kerry-I have 15x10 weld pro stars with 315-60-15 bfg drag radials under my 72. 5 1/8 back space, outer lip is rolled up on the horizontal section, no rubbing. about 12 inches of tread on the ground and 30.5 tall. although its a ford 9 inch, it is standard width.
  14. Tom Rix

    Tom Rix Well-Known Member

    I prefer 9" tires, Stocker style!

  15. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    Wow! It took 2 1/2 years, but stock came up from last place to take third! Un cut is still way out front with mostly stock in second.

    Un cut (larger tires/rims, lowered) 		 	34.60%
    Mostly stock (aftermarket rims/tires) 		 	20.25%
    Stock (with stock rims/tires)  	   		  	16.03%
    Cut it up! (steam rollers!) 			 	14.77%
    Cut it a little (Mini tubs, larger tires/rims) 	 	14.35%
  16. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    How did your project turn out?
  17. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    I haven't started on it yet, but I have started 3 others! :Dou: :error:
  18. mrgransport

    mrgransport Well-Known Member

    I run 295-65/15 BFG Drag Radials on Centerline 15 x 10 in the rear under stock wheelwells and 15 x 5" Centerlines in the front with front runners. Car sits low and mean. Love the look of a lot of tire under the rear of a car. Not big on the huge rim craze. Too much bling for me.
  19. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    Yep. Too much rim and too-short sidewalls don't do it for me, either.
  20. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    I've been looking at this old thread for a while now and just selected the use of minitubs on the poll.I saw the pro street movement come and hang for a while.When the pro streets came I was turned off by the paint jobs,I didn't like them then and they look very dated to me today.Outside of that,I love a mean stance with big meats out back and too much engine up front.I would save the full tubs for an all out racer.I can see many who would like to stay down the stock road but someone has to modify some Buicks,I say go as wild with it as you want:Brow: .

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