Dual piston and booster upgrade for 61. Who's done this swap?

Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by 67NorCalGS, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. 67NorCalGS

    67NorCalGS Well-Known Member

    I want to upgrade to a dual master for safety and small booster that will fit in a 61 LeSabre. I'm not interested in front discs. Seems kind of pricey, and doesn't look much different then the universal setups. I'm going to call and ask what special about it.

    I also see setups for 63 Riv, wonder how different they are?


    and this one,

  2. TheRev

    TheRev Silver Level contributor

    PM CJP, he did it on his 61 before he sold it. I did it on my 62, as did a few other guys on here like CameoInvicta. Same process, not that difficult but make sure you get the correct booster, i believe 67 Wildcat drum/drum is what you are after (I went with a 64 booster, which is smaller in diameter apparently, and it is hard to stop, need to change it out).
  3. Coldfoot77

    Coldfoot77 Member

    This is the one i went with on my 61'.


    I paired it with the Wilwood disc kit. The bracket for the booster wasn't a direct bolt on, I had to move a few holes. Also I had to move the mounting hole on the pedal and use the adjustable push rod to get it dialed in. It took a bit trial and error but I'm very happy with the results now.
  4. Scrappy

    Scrappy Well-Known Member

    I have done this swap successfully on a few cars now. 'The Rev' is correct, a 67-70 big car booster/master with tandem reservoir is a nice easy swap. I have done it on my '60 LeSabre and a '59 also. Have to reroute a brake line and add another line, and should be it. I have found those master/booster assemblies harder to find at local parts stores in recent years. Good luck!
  5. 67NorCalGS

    67NorCalGS Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks for the info guys. Sounds like Bamawildcat says the 67 booster won't fit in a 64, but Scrappy installed one in a 59,60. My 61 is pretty tight. Maybe I'll try the 64 booster/67 master combo.
  6. Dragdoc

    Dragdoc Well-Known Member

    Sorry to come to the party kinda late, but I just did this in my ‘60 LeSabre.

    However, its just manual drums all around. But used a later GM drum/drum 1” bore master cyl. Believe I told Oreillys a ‘68 Biscayne but there are a huge number of vehicles that same M/C was used on including pickup trucks. Easy swap, made a few lines and had to put the brake switch in line. Along with fresh wheel cylinders it has never stopped better!

    Perhaps a power brake unit is similar in that the booster and M/C is same as many others?
  7. 67NorCalGS

    67NorCalGS Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks Dragdoc,

    I wish it was similar. In 61 the pistons is attached to the booster. It's not two separate assemblies. The area for the booster is extremely small, and looks like I'll have to remove the inner fender to access the distribution block. I'm moving to Florida soon so I put the project on hold. My brakes have been replaced so everything is in working order. I even had the original master bored and
    sleeved, booster rebuilt, all new rubber lines, pads, cylinders in recent years. I think my best bet is to use a 63 booster if it will fit along with the 67 dual master.

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