Cruisin the Coast 2010 Biloxi/Gulfport MS Oct 3-10

Discussion in 'Buick Events and Clubs' started by Billhillytim, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Billhillytim

    Billhillytim Well-Known Member

    Every year this even has over 5K registered cars, and at least 2-3k unregistered ones, mostly antique. We had a few guys come out last year, but would love to see more of the Buick crowd if possible. Here is the link for the site, early registration is $50, after August 15th it will be $75. Site has the schedule of events, and venue has a 1/4 miles dragstrip at Gulfport Dragway open the 6, 8, and 9th . Even if you don't show in your Buick, its a great time and week for classic and collector's rides. Hope to see you there!
  2. Billhillytim

    Billhillytim Well-Known Member

    Bump. I hope I'm not the only Buick guy going to this. Last year there was less than 10 of us from the forum there.
  3. Gulfgears

    Gulfgears Gulfgears

    My wife and I go every year. We haven't ever signed up for the cruise though, just like to go and watch the cars.

    Thinking maybe this year I'll signup and do the whole thing.

    Do you have to cruise every day or is it voluntary?
  4. Billhillytim

    Billhillytim Well-Known Member

    Don't have to cruise every day. I split it up to two last year to get all my stamps and spent most of my time hanging with friends and going to the track. Last year I put together a spreadsheet of names/phone numbers of people who said they were coming, but when I could only get in contact with 5 I just gave up. Hoping this year turns out better since its such a nice venue to enjoy as a small group.
  5. Billhillytim

    Billhillytim Well-Known Member

    was it this one?


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  6. Poppaluv

    Poppaluv I CALL WINNERS!!!

    Yeah Tim, that's the one. It was sweet in person. Too bad it has those hideous rims!!!!:shock:
    Tim We had 10 there?????? I other than Kase only got to see you and Freeazoid (cool guys too).:TU: I just put the Riv into the shop this morning. He said Oct would be pushing it.:( Soooooooo looks like you AND I won't have our oldies. I 'cant wait for the the "Who Dat Naition Pace car" ready!:)

    Brandy on the other hand, is gonna be happy driving her Grand Wagoneer around.

    And no you don't have to pay as a spectator or do every stop along the way. Lots of time we just sit near the beach and drink and watch...:beer :beer
  7. Gulfgears

    Gulfgears Gulfgears

    Tried to sign up on line--can't do it have to down load form and fax to them.

    Gotta get on my horse or I'll have to pay the extra $25.

    Spent the last four hours waxin and cleaning the car, we got the Covington car show the last weekend of the the month coming up and I want to be there to wave the Buick flag.

    It's so lonely being the only Buick there. Thought somebody would show up with one of the 70's Buicksa but so far just one orphan Skylark.
  8. Poppaluv

    Poppaluv I CALL WINNERS!!!

    'Gears, hit me up sometime there's a few of us down here, but only a few ever get in touch...:Do No:

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