Carter AFB Electric Choke Conversion

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    Any idea on the part numbers for this? I can't get anywhere with Napa since I don't have a picture even to go off of.

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    i save everything lol :Brow:

    i don't have a part number, but it has '2114' in the corner of the page which may be it. have patience with napa.........most [but not all] of them guys are inept with these things :Dou:

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    good luck!

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    Digging this up from the grave. I installed the new choke, I bought the NAPA kit but I think it would easier to just order the replacement control module from Summit and use a standard Electric choke kit. However is it possible that the choke spring on a holley works bacwards from a AFB? The system seams to choke the engine down not open up as the engine warms up.

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    My 64 is still running with the "climatic" choke, with the stove pipe off the exhaust manifold. I just called CARS today to order a new stove pipe. (Another case of me not leaving well enough alone! doh!)
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    I think your making this more complicated than it should be:rolleyes:

    i've used the electric choke you can buy from any parts store for an EDELBROCK carb

    i run the hot wire to it from the ignition lead on the coil, and adjust accordingly, since the choke pull-off is internal to the choke housing.

    the electric choke from a q-jet will fit and function perfectly on any rochester carb with the proper housing, ie, 4-jet, dual-jet, 2-jet, etc, etc

    my 2 cents
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    on some carbs the choke spring can be installed backward....if the choke is closing up as the engine warms up that is likely the case...... Personally , i take the choke off my carbs and just start the engine on the accelerator pump.....
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    Nike stole the slogan, Just Pump It. ;)

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