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  1. pmuller9

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    The 62K max impeller rpm is the physical safe limit.
    The actual max efficiency rpm is much less.

    ATI does not have compressor maps and many of us (including me) have had negative conversations with them about the need for maps.
    They don't feel that an electric motor run bench test is relevant.

    What you will see if you had a map for the D-1SC is the max efficiency rpm would be somewhere around 50K rpm.

    At 10 lbs of boost or a pressure ratio of 1.7 with an airflow of around 75 lbs/min you end up just off the top of the center efficiency island.

    Some of this is based on a Vortech V7 map which is close to the D-1SC

    Max impeller rpm is 65K

  2. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this. One of my complaints about Procharger is they are really not very good about information an their superchargers. That and they will not sell you parts. Max on my D1 is 65,000 but I am going to guess that the map is very similar to the D-1SC. It looks like the 3.25 pulley I am going to will be at about 52,000 rpm and at the max of efficiency.
  3. Buick1966

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    Working on a blueprint for a 1966 buick skylark and was wondering where and how much a procharger setup would be for this car. I reside in michigan and I'm trying to start with a powerful engine.
  4. sailbrd

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    More than likely this will be a completely custom setup. What motor are you starting with? I don't know of anyone that has procharged a nailhead. Let's say you are going to build your own mounting system. Here is a rough estimate of cost.
    Head unit: $1200 to $4000 depending on your shopping ability and source.
    Brackets: $100 to $500 depending on your fabrication skills.
    Pulleys: $500
    Fuel system: $1000
    Ignition: $800
    Radiator: $800 you will need a good one
    Blow through carb: $600 to $1000
    Plumbing: $500
    Transmission build: $600 to $3000
    Misc: $1000 you cannot believe how all the little things add up
    Engine rebuild: $1500 to $5000

    Just want to make sure you go into this with your eyes wide open. A procharged nailhead would be really cool but there are much cheaper ways to get good HP.
  5. Buick1966

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    Thank you for the info. I'm thinking of using a 455. The brackets would be a challenge for me to make though.
  6. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    On a 455 I can help you with the brackets. All that is needed to make those is some 1/2 inch aluminum and a bandsaw. We can even improve on the ones that I have.

    Where are you at in MI? Will be out cruising Back to the Bricks parties next week. You can look at mine and see if you want to go that direction.
  7. Buick1966

    Buick1966 Member

    Im in saginaw and will try to go to back to the bricks. I would really like to check out your buick!! Which day r u going? Also when my funds$$ get their I will certainly be contacting you for help on my project.
  8. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project

    After hunting high and low for a certain length belt (and almost giving up) I found one that is working so far is from a tractor supply company out of IA.

    If this did not work, I was going to need to call Procharger to track me down one ($).

    I got a 66-inch, but a 66 1/2 would be better.

    The specal-ordered (also not returnable) 65.4-inch Gator back will not fit unless I go with a smaller pulley on the head unit. :Brow:

    For some reason between 65.4" and 69" are not made in 12-rib serpentine in all brands except for the one I found.

    So. $121.00 for the pulley from Procharger and about $95.00 for the two belts to speed the blower up some :laugh:.

    It was to go from about 8 pounds to just over 10-pounds of boost.

    Now I will need to start almost completely over tuning.
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  9. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    For that
    Buick tractor like torque.:laugh:
  10. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project

    The engine really likes the new smaller pulley.

    Everything likes it but the rear tires (blow them off) and the guy on the Harley.

    Yes I out ran a Harley Custom once I shifter to second gear.

    Even with the timing set to 25 total, it still will blow the tires off anytime in first gear.

    As soon as it cools, I need to pull a spark plug to make sure everyone is happy.
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  11. offbrand Racing

    offbrand Racing Platinum Level Contributor

    Way cool ride!
  12. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project

    After the engine cooled down, I pulled two of the easiest plugs (#2 and #4) and the porshlen on both were light tan in color.

    Not bad at all for a street car.

    spark plug close up.jpg

    buick spark plug 3.png

    Buick spark plug 2.jpg
  13. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    Second gear is my friend too.

    Looks like you have the carb dialed in. I am thinking about going to a 750 cfm next year. All I have to do is put in a new throttle body.
  14. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans a new project

    What I get for speeding up the charger..........................a broken transmission :(

    I sware I was taking it easy (except the race with the motocycle).

    So far it sounds like a broken sprag. but hey I still have 1 st and 3 rd :laugh:
  15. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    I did not break mine.... but there was accelerated wear :laugh: before the last rebuild. Hate loosing 2nd.... Buicks love a 2nd gear hit!

    A friend of mine just bought a Ninga 1400. Minor mods 9.50 quarters with it:shock:
  16. alan

    alan High-tech Dinosaur

    Is it a th400? I think with those you don't want to let off in 2nd if the tires are spinning. I broke a sprag doing that once before. Now I shift into 3rd before letting off during the burnout.
  17. Nitro71455

    Nitro71455 Procharged 455 boost baby

    Gauging interest in selling my complete procharger F1C setup. Has around 800 miles on it.
  18. jake csordas

    jake csordas Well-Known Member

    finally got my procharged car back to the track. Did some very easy passes at 5 pounds of boost. Foot braking at 1200 rpm and short shifting both gears car went 9.82 at 138 mph. Not bad for 3960 pound street car. See you in bg.
  19. Nitro71455

    Nitro71455 Procharged 455 boost baby

    Awesome Jake, congrats on you're impressive numbers.
  20. islandbum

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    Ok guys i built a single turbo setup using the stock manifolds and a low budget. I think i have less then a $1k into the whole thing. I posted some stuff here and there but never my build. As of yesterday i finally got it dialed in 100% and the car was amazing and scary. Unfortunately driving home we were just about to video tape the run and I heard a pop and then a massive air leak. I thought it was the manifold gaskets on the driver side but after replacing it, it still made the sound so I am pretty sure its the head gasket. I was only running a 4psi spring but when i put the new boost controller on it would go to 5.5psi but when i blew the head gasket we were at 10psi. Anyways heres my setup.

    Gt45 turbo
    Custom crossover and up pipe
    Holley 650 blow thru
    mechanical boost referenced fuel pump
    Non intercooled as of now only 4 psi

    Ill try to get some more pics i have no more that will upload on my phone.

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