Blueprinting 'Nailheads' For Action!

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by BuickStreet, Jul 7, 2002.

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  2. Bill Bailey

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    Thanks for taking the time of posting that article on the 401-425 blueprinting. I enjoyed every word. I wish I had the mag that came out of. I havent had any luck in copying it onto my computer so I will bookmark your site. Take care and once again THANKS!
    Bill Bailey
  3. BuickStreet

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    Hey, you're welcome Bill.

    Your the type of visitor I had in mind when I posted it. To copy to your computer follow these steps...

    1)Click on the small picture so that the large one opens up in a new window.

    2)When the large picture has fully downloaded and is viewable right click on the picture and choose the option "Save picture as..." then your computer should offer you a browse box so you can choose where you want to save it. Save it somewhere like C:\My Documents\My pictures.

    It won't print very well because it is only a 75dpi reslolution. That is the most a monitor will display so that's all I scan at. For a good print the original scan would have to be too high for efficient use on the net. But bookmarking my site was also a good idea :TU:

  4. Adam Whitman

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    If that's the article I think it is, it is pretty good. I would skip the hot tip on unhooking the Q-jet's air-valve dashpot though. They were still pretty steep on the Q-jet learning curve when that article was written.
  5. BuickStreet

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    Adam, is there something about this article I should know? Is it infamous or something?
  6. Adam Whitman

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    Nothing real special other than a car magazine article about performance building a Buick. :) That in itself is special!

    I was at work and didn't have time to review the article. Like you, i have avery large old car magazine collection and know i have read that article. I remember my blood pressure going up when I read "remove the airvalve dashpot for quicker secondary opening." Or something like that if that is the article. Anyone that has worked with the Q-jet knows that is a real bad thing to do, and probably part of what gave the Q-jet such a bad rep in the performance world.

    Well, there were a lot of people back when that removed the HEI and put points distributors in their new cars too. :rolleyes:
  7. Adam Whitman

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    Have you ever seen this magazine before?

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    I have not seen that magazine before but I'd sure like a copy. I'll keep a look out for it at the swap meets. Care to sell if!

    Remove the air valve dashpot... ha, good one. And they said it ran better? What's with the 2 coils?

  9. Shaggy

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    Adam what year is that magazine from? I'm looking for some genuinely good nailhead info in print. The cover looks cool too.:bglasses:
  10. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    I was thinking the same thing. I can see one goes to the center of the cap, but where does the other one go? :puzzled: Maybe they put them in series to double their output?
  11. BuickStreet

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    Adam, is the dual coil setup mentioned in any of the articles inside the magazine?
  12. JohnK

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    Cool looking book, but what engine is that? I like the valve covers, especially painted between the fins, but my 425 has the distributor (dizzy for you Bill ;) ) at the rear of the engine, probably more differences as well.
  13. riv65

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    It looks like a 215" aluminum V8 to me, or maybe a 300" 1964 with the aluminum heads.

    Jerome Guffey
  14. Adam Whitman

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    I think Jerome gets the prize on this one. The book copyright is 1963. The engine has to be a 215 based on that and its being a front distributor V-8. I am going to guess that each coil has its own set of points and fires only 4 cylinders. There was no mention of it in the text. Frankly, the whole little book is pretty dated in tech info. It does have some neat pictures and lays out engine specs.
    Hm, there's an injected 215 for a scarab,and another one used in Mickey Thompson's Indy car. Pop Kennedy's record holding 61 Invicta details, and Ivo's 4-engine dragster emerging from a cloud of smoke. Nah, nothing you guys would be interested in :)

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