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  1. JR Wills

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    1st thing to go, if equipped, Side Pipes. Had them on the 66 Coupe, Never again!! (Still have "Bald legs from it & being bit by Ed Lowther's Cobra @ Nelson Ledges when I was in my teens)
    The problem is not with the seating position, Seats can be "adjusted", just ride quality of the older Vettes. Yes, they are Fun, but, I'm not in my 20s anymore & feel it.
    66 Sb. Convert W/Ac is Just what I'd want & the Colors are Great. Glide would be the only hold back. Have a 327 W/Glide in my Marina Blue W/Blue & White 66 SS Impala Conv. that I am restoring now. Contemplating a TH350 or 2004R conversion. (Have the 2004R in the garage)
    Have the Frame & "Bird Cage" checked for Rot. ("Vettes don't Rust." BULL!!!!!!)
    If You open the Doors with the top down & they Don't want to close, (both at 1 time) Run don't Walk, away. Look at the area just behind the door on the Frame for Any "Repairs" ( Looked at 1 that was repaired with A/C Tape & body filler to hide the rot for a Legal battle 2 years ago, 65 396 bought @ Collector auction.
    Fed car Back to Seller, "Non Disclosure, Bad Frame")
    Have it checked over & if it passes, Enjoy the Heck out of it.
  2. ctauto

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    I love c-2 corvettes ! Great cars, lots of fun and really easy to maintain. I've owned my "65 for 25 years and it still makes me smile.. Stay away from NCRS cars (and people) have it checked out (birdcage and frame in particular ), buy it and enjoy it! C-3's are fun , C2's are a riot! C6's are great cars and very reasonably priced...
    Welcome to the Corvette community, we're not all bad!
    Regards Frank..

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