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Discussion in 'The Mixing shop.' started by Gulfgears, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Gulfgears

    Gulfgears Gulfgears

    I've had my AFB rebuilt by a guy in flordia once, but can't seem to find my reciept. Guy usually has a display at car shows. Anybody got a name?
    Or, does anyone on the board rebuild AFB's? 65 skylark and I think it's a 3455?
  2. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member


    I've been doing them for years, BUT you may not want to send it to Ct.

    Tom T.
  3. Gulfgears

    Gulfgears Gulfgears

    Tom, thank you for the offer, but as your said, Conn. is a long ways away. And, as it means crossing the Mason-Dixon Line I'm not sure what all types of import/export problems we may run into. Also my neighbors might not like it if they found out I was doing business with yankees!
    My real problem is that I need to have this problem solved before the Crusing the Coast in early October, and as always I've procastinated and now am really going to have to do something fast. Or having to ride in my son's chevy powered TA with no a/c.
    Putting in fuel pump this week so we shall soon know.
    But again thanks for the offer.

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