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Discussion in 'The Bench' started by storm, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. storm

    storm yeah.......

    Saw this on GN on e-bay.


    My question is what do you guys think would be a reasonable price. The reserve is not even met at $8800. Personally I think that would be a fair price. I looked for the blue book price on-line and it said trade-in value would be somewhere around $7500. The reason I am intrested in this one is because it is like 45 minutes from where I live. I am thinking about going and checking it out this weekend and having a look over. Just want your guys opinion.
  2. Marco

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    Zach -

    Besides this forum, try asking your question on the Turbo Buick website.

    Good Luck! :TU:
  3. Evans Ward

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    I doubt the seller would take $7500 for the car even if he was needing immediate cash. Besides, the reserve wasn't met at $8800 so he's looking for more $$. With the miles of the car and condition judging by the pics (and if no RUST), I'd say the car would probably bring around $9000-9500. It would be to your benefit to obtain Dennis Kirban's guidebooks to buying a TR if you don't already have them. Lots of good useful info in those books on these cars especially when it comes to buying one. You can also check out www.GNTTYPE.org which has a buyer's guide. If you are using the NADA or Kelly as a guidebook, I'd say their figures would be low for this car and not indicative of real worth. Production for the 86 GN's was about 5500 or so and much less than the 20,000 or so made in 87. Basically the same car as far as engine/ drive train. Good luck!
  4. GSMAG

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    I would want to look it over first hand. There are a lot of little things that could drive you batty if they aren't right. There reserve had to be close. I think it's probably about a $9,000 car. I paid $13,000 for mine which was a near mint, bone stock 40,000 mile car. The two sites you were referred to are clearly the best sources of info on the net for turbo Buicks.

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