73 Electra Limited

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    1973 Buick Electra Limited


    Located in Mesa AZ

    Two door, car is a roller-I pulled the engine, trans and radiator. The car is straight and the fenders, hood and trunk look good. The only real damage I can see is some body filler on the lower passenger side door. Obviously there are minor dings on the body from doors, shopping carts etc. The vinyl top is crumbling due to decades in the AZ sun. The interior is also pretty rough for the same reason. The floorpans looked good as well as the frame. I had limited time on the lift so I didn't go over the car with a fine toothed comb. I removed the upper/lower grilles and headlight bezels to prevent damage during drivetrain removal and stored them in the car.

    I don't have the time or the interest in parting out the car, so the entire car will need to go. IMG_20190111_175142997.jpg IMG_20190111_170406563_HDR.jpg IMG_20190111_170352214.jpg IMG_20190111_174145256.jpg IMG_20190111_174115020.jpg IMG_20190112_124007037_HDR.jpg 3083.jpeg 3085.jpeg
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    Sold, moving to the East coast.

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