'71 SJ vs SS radiator

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  1. dynaflow

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    Clearly my 455 auto A/C has a replacement radiator...no tag, no embossed ID that I can see with rad in place...no help there.

    Read every thread I could find and digested chart on assy manual page 11-4.3. SJ was go-to rad for my config until 10-26-70 page revision added the SS with a different part#. Since mine is an 05B build, I would have gotten the SS.

    Per thread research, both SJ and SS use IA and CF tanks, so my question is...what's different causing Buick to add another rad with different part#/code? Only thing left is core. Anyone know what Harrison was doing then with core technology that would've replaced the SJ...?
  2. Duane

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    There were like 3 different radiator Code Letters for Radiators with the IA & CF tanks, and the only differences were the cores.

    I do not remember if I have ALL the info regarding the different core thicknesses for the 3, but do know the one size core was for a 350-4-bbl non-AC, as it was the original radiator for my old 71 350 GSX.........and if memory serves me correct it was a 2-core. (But don't quote me on that.)
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    Here is an original SS tag if it will help in any way.
  4. 64 Hardtop

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    [​IMG]This is a copied photo from above. My question is the #3017258 8 is this the part ID# for the radiator? Also what dose the lone 8 signify?
  5. Duane

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    That is the part number for the complete radiator assembly. The "8" is either the year of production or the model year, I don't remember which.

    The passenger side tank has the month date code embossed into it, so between the 2 dates you could figure out the month & year, and know if it was the original for your car.

    This particular radiator has been discussed before. I don't remember if Buick used the "SS" radiators before the 71 model year, therefore this rad may have come out of a different brand GM car.
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    upload_2020-1-7_18-7-32.png [​IMG] upload_2020-1-7_18-10-9.png What I find is this should be the correct radiator for a 455 manual car. "A" being January and my car is 04D am I understanding this correctly? Which means it could be correct.... not that it really matters because it's being redone and reused in this car.
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    ...this conversation expands over in "The Big Chill" as thread "1970-1971 GS Radiators Revisited…"
    There are still some questions. Holidays are over and I need to get back to my research...

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