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Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by Mike Atwood, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. Clarkie

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  2. nmorris

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    My 71 Skylark Convertible 350 Custom (Was) Now GSX Styling with 455, edelbrock performer intake, edelbrock 750cfm carb, 355 gears with posi and will keep going as time goes

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  3. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself


    Early morning visit to my Mom made for a great shot from her balcony.
  4. dyll

    dyll Well-Known Member

    now that, is what i want my buick/ thecrapbox to look like! i call it that because it REALLy bad
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  5. hemikillerstg1

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    Nothing time and money can't fix
  6. dyll

    dyll Well-Known Member

    yea, time, easily time, that will be the big thing, looking at 2 to 3 years, and if we talk about mine, well call it the crap box, just to stay pg-13
  7. Badbird94

    Badbird94 John

    some updated pics of the Buick-I have a posi-w/342 gears now -had 256 gears when I got it--it comes alive now

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  8. gnatsum

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    Hey everybody,
    I have been doing various little jobs on my 1972 Buick Riviera since I purchased her. Yesterday I decided to detail the exterior, so I spent 10 hours giving her a thorough clean using the following process:
    1. Snow foam
    2. 2 bucket wash
    3. Dry
    4. Clay bar
    5. 2 bucket wash
    6. Dry
    7. Polish
    8. Snow foam
    9. 2 bucket wash
    10. Dry
    11. Metal polish
    12. Glass clean
    13. Rain x
    14. Wax
    15. Took her to the pub

    Here are some pics.

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  9. Kenny462

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  10. magic marouke

    magic marouke Well-Known Member

    you're brave doing that in England with no garage
  11. gnatsum

    gnatsum Well-Known Member

    That's exactly why I did it lol! Trying to get some protection on her.
  12. CCM

    CCM Active Member

    My 72 crystal blue Skylark Custom.

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  13. Mark Demko

    Mark Demko Well-Known Member

    That's a sweet '72:cool:
    I really like the halo vinyl top.
  14. PGSS

    PGSS Well-Known Member

    Love every car posted! hard to put a like on 1000 posts;)

    I want to see a 70 Stage 1 or 455 in diplomat blue and pearl white buckets.. Anyone?:)
  15. Danny Riggan

    Danny Riggan Active Member

    Not a 70 or diplomat blue but, 72 stage 1 crystal blue with pearl white buckets!

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