69 400 Engine VIN and Production Stamp Location

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  1. 69GSVert

    69GSVert Well-Known Member

    Researching the location of the VIN and production stamps on the 69 400 engine reveals they should both be stamped on the deck surface of the block on the drivers side. How consistent is this?

    My fathers 69 w/400 is original to the car. He bought it in `72 and never pulled the engine until I did. Looking for the numbers I found the VIN stamp on the passenger side deck surface between 6/8 cylinders. All of my books state this should be on the driver side. Appears in `67 it would be located on the passenger side where I found these numbers.

    While I am sure this has been debated, I was unable to find any definitive information. What is the experience of others? Is it expected to vary being the late 60's?
  2. gd2227

    gd2227 Platinum Level Contributor

    All I have seen were DS... However, never say never when it comes to these cars!
  3. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Duane and I spoke about this in our daily call this morning. As George said above, while they are technically suppose to be on the drivers side, never say never. The judging team would not deduct points for such a stamping as long as it was just the location of the stamping.
  4. Rikergs400

    Rikergs400 Well-Known Member

    I have an original 69/400 RR and my VIN number is stamped on the passenger side between cylinders 6 and 8. Built November of 68.
  5. Duane

    Duane Member

    That would not stop me from thinking the car was original. Fremont Calif cars often have the partial vin number stamped on the driver side front face of the motor.
  6. 69GSVert

    69GSVert Well-Known Member

    Where is the "RR" and date code on yours?
  7. gd2227

    gd2227 Platinum Level Contributor

    I can post pics when I get home of various stamps
  8. 69GSVert

    69GSVert Well-Known Member

    Thanks, very much appreciated. Would like to see those pics.
  9. 455 Powered

    455 Powered Well-Known Member

    I have an RR code 400 and the RR stamp is back by the dipstick. You might need to clean the area gently to see the stamping. Mine has either been surfaced lightly or it was not stamped very well
  10. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Blah, Blah, Blah

    My Wilmington built 68 GS400 conv has the vin stamp on the passenger side, the other codes are on the drivers side. Original engine car built April 68.

    You would think the person stamping it would notice they were on the wrong side of the engineo_O
  11. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Or, as I was mentioning to Duane, they were too lazy to walk around every engine and hit two without walking around each engine. Stand in the middle and hit the gang stamp from there... :confused:
  12. JohnnyGS

    JohnnyGS Well-Known Member

    both on the DS but anything is possible. also my car was made in Canada so they have there own way of doing things up here
    got me thinking that my 67 numbers might be on the PS
    gonna have to check because there was nothing on the DS
    thanks for the hint

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  13. JohnnyGS

    JohnnyGS Well-Known Member

    well i'll be dam. I looked on the PS and saw stamping NR and under that was 052 which makes sense because my car was made 3rd week of sept. 1966. I've never seen stamping on the PS before. All the ones i've seen were on the DS. Like George said anything is possible. it was the 60's, thanks for the hint
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