68 skylark 8.2 Rear End Gear swap suggestions

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by mummy68, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. mummy68

    mummy68 Silver Level contributor

    Hey Guys

    I have a 68 Lark with the 8.2 rear. I am trying to find the least expensive way to upgrade my rear end this this winter. Trying to get to the mid 3's. I just installed the 455 engine th400 tranny and a 2000 stall converter.

    Please also let me know if you have any leads
  2. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    A 71-72 8.5” is the popular choice. You can get gear ratios of 3:08,3:23,3:42,3:55,3:73,3:90,etc.
    I can build you a complete posi rear,all new parts,for $1300.00 plus the freight.I will include the backing plates.Just transfer your existing brake hardware over. When swapping from an 8.2” to an 8.5”,you will need to shorten your driveshaft,but if you are swapping from a TH350 to a TH400,you will need to shorten it anyway,so do it once.
  3. mummy68

    mummy68 Silver Level contributor

    I have already shortened the driveshaft when I did the th400 swap. Would I need to shorten again?
  4. mummy68

    mummy68 Silver Level contributor

    what is the approx. cost of shipping? to NY

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