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    Hey all, got a bunch of surprisingly random stuff after my 430 build. Not all of it is Buick, but if you don't need it don't buy it
    All prices are negotiable, and sure I'll trade for things

    -430 block and crank
    -68 intake
    -1 68 430 valve cover
    -72 intake
    -68 valley pan
    -Full size Buick Steering box, out of 67 Riviera, needs rebuild kit
    -13" Switch Pitch converter
    -12" Switch Pitch converter SOLD to DauntlessSB92
    -68-82 C3 Corvette rams horn exhaust manifolds 2.25" outlet
    -2 1" drop base air cleaner bases and 1 top with 2" air filter
    -4 hubcaps for the later Rivs I believe
    -factory jack, if you're into that
    -full set of rods and pistons, two of which are different from the others
    -16 Big Block Chevy valve springs, need to be pressure tested to be sure what they are

    And now for stuff I don't want to put a price on, because this is "one mans junk is another mans treasure" territory. PM me with what you think it's worth, cause I haven't got a clue :)

    -stock valve springs for a 430, original to vehicle

    -2 cams, one sealed power and one out of a 67 Riviera (would anyone really want these?)

    -set of 4 225/70/15 1" whitewall tires off the Riv (20 year old tires, so keep that in mind)

    -set of 4 American Racing rims AR172 polished 15x8 5x5 3.75" backspace with 9 yr old BF Goodrichs' 275/60/15s (rear) and 15 yr old 215/70/15s

    -spectacularly bent flexplate, could be salvaged but you can do better

    -68 timing cover with a hole drilled into the water jacket, so if you want a door stop it's yours

    Thanks for your time, tell me what you think it's worth. My feelings aren't easily hurt

    Shipping is paid by the buyer, unless you are close by, then we may have a deal
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    Interested in the 12" converter, what kind of shape is it in?
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    I was about to bolt it on and run it, it dropped all the way into my ST400

    I traded a 455 oil pan for it. It had been gone through by a shop a few years before
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    I’ll be going to the NE Spring meeting in New York, so if you see anything you want, shipping becomes free!
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