67 Skylark Body Plate and VIN Mismatch

Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by buickstrong, Jun 8, 2015.

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    My body plate and VIN contradict each other. My VIN starts out 44307 indicating V-6, but my Body Plate Code is 67-44407FL1 is this bad news? Curious if anyone could help me out here. Willing to post pictures. Thanks!
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    Not a huge deal. What are your plans for the car? What's the title say?
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    Just use it as a driver. I'm only really curious because according to the production numbers there wasn't a hole lot of V-6's made. The Title is clear matches the VIN on the VIN tag. I noticed that there was an option for a California GS that had the 4407 on the body plate. Lots of confusion, but the likely outcome is that someone has tampered with one of the tags.

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    This is very common for '67s and your car has likely not been altered. I've seen many like this including several that were low mileage, original cars. There have been threads about it on this board over the years. The search function doesn't work very well but I'll see if I can find one of those threads and post a link.

    A friend of mine (also a member of v8buick.com) had a nice low mileage '67 Special 2-door that had the optional 340-4 engine and was documented with window sticker to prove it was built that way. But the VIN and body trim tag conflicted with one indicating it was a V6 and the other indicating V8.

    Unless you see some evidence of tampering I'd say yours is also original and correct.
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    I tried several search terms and didn't have any luck. Thanks anyhow. So basically its a V6 pillar post with a V8 option?

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