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    251B62F5-95B5-4CC5-87AC-D5D2032933D9.jpeg Looking at a passenger door I have and the mirror location seems a bit too close to the front of the door. Anybody have a pic of theirs installed or dimensions for the correct location or is the mirror on this door correct? Thanks
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    After searching pictures out it looks like the mirror should be in the same location as the drivers mirror. Someone must have bought and installed a mirror on this door and put it in this spot. You would have to look through the wing window to see through the mirror.
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    Definitely too far ahead, mine is in the exact location as per template that came with the NOS mirror. When I replaced that door during restoration it didn't have the holes, I verified the template on the original location that was installed when my Granddad had the original one installed and they were the same. 20120922_153047.jpg
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    Are you running for office? Or are you a salesman? you really didn't give a answer.
    So Are you saying it is exact Mirror image of the the drivers mirror location? Or is it forward a bit?

    Angle of your pic makes it look forward of my drivers side..
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    I put mine exactly mirror image of the driver side. The older style of accessory mirror (Gen 1), doesn't seem to have the ability to turn inward enough on a 1967. I think that's why they changed to a different mirror in 1967. Earlier cars I have seen the mirror further forward like your pic. That looks kind of goofy to me. So...you would need a template of an early Gen 1 mirror, and a template of a Gen 2 mirror to figure it out. I seriously doubt that back in the 60's techs were worried about exact placement. If your tissue dispenser was 1" left or right, it mostly didn't matter. Now, we would deduct a LOT of points for that!
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