65 Sportwagon just a few months away from touring the country

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by Sportwagon400, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Sportwagon400

    Sportwagon400 Well-Known Member

    I got this car in Frisco in Febuary and made it home in march just put a 350 into it there was a TH350 already there just a start but its a sweet ride for sure can't wait til my torque thrust 2's show up 16X7and 16X8 then next year 2004R OD and 4wheel disc brakes woohooo


    this car and my 65 will be built identicaly both A/C cruisers

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  2. GKMoz

    GKMoz Gary / Moz

    Theres a guy in California who does the reduced hub for the 65s/6s/ 7s/ sport wheels, His name is Jerry. Someone will chime in with his full name I'm sure ! Nice car by the way !! would look real nice towing my 65GS :TU: :laugh: Gary
  3. Sportwagon400

    Sportwagon400 Well-Known Member

    Thanks I could use a reduced hub for all 4 of my 64 & 65's :) after all i have 9 sport wheels


    My rims arrived just in time for fathers day gift to me

    16X7 4.25 bs front 16X8 5.25 bs rear

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  4. fastest430

    fastest430 Well-Known Member

    Real cars have tailgates...elephants have trunks.
    Mr. BUICK,I love this wagon.:TU:
  5. 1965Buick

    1965Buick Well-Known Member


    What suspension mods were you required to perform in order to run those rims? Thanks, Doug
  6. Sportwagon400

    Sportwagon400 Well-Known Member

    non at all:shock: the fronts are 16X7 with 4.25" back spacing I run 215/55/16 tires rear are 16X8 5.25" back spacing and can easly fit almost any size tire i currently have 225/60/16 but am going with 235/55/16 ths weekend even a 245/50/16 would work. i am changing rear ends to a 1970 A body rear so 5.25 back spacing really helps. the fronts should probably be 205/60/16 for a little more room or just a little more spring. I needed top take the bolt out of the inner fender in the middle and on big turns the do touch a little

  7. ozhearse

    ozhearse Mick

  8. 1965Buick

    1965Buick Well-Known Member

    Cool, thanks man great insight! She looks great! Doug
  9. Sportwagon400

    Sportwagon400 Well-Known Member

  10. Eric B

    Eric B John 3:16

    Nice wagon!
  11. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut Staff Member

    VERY nice Ken, great choice in wheels!!!!!
  12. SS-TRUCK

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    That is a super cruiser . I really like what you are doing with that car .
  13. Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major Biggest Nut in the Can

    Dam...then I've got one heck of a trunk and elephant!!! :laugh: (and all the time I thought it was a Cat...:laugh: )

    Like what you're doing with that wagon!! Looks great!

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