65-66 GS disc brake conversion brake lines

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    I have a complete disc brake setup that I was thinking of installing on my 66 GS. I really dont want to mount the proportioning valve at the booster and would rather see it mounted on the frame where the 67 has it installed. does anybody make a line kit to do this or am I on my own?
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    Maybe inline tube
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    Here's what I did on my red GS. It got disc brakes and a 5 speed so I added a line-loc too.
    Used the original '66 distribution block for the front brakes, and plugged the outlet that was used for the rear brakes.
    I think I re-bent the original line for the rear brakes.
    This is close to the exhaust, so I made a sheetmetal box to shield it from exhaust heat.
    When I make up the metal lines, I make sure they don't have any up/down loops that may trap air bubbles.

    On my blue GS, I mounted the combo valve on the frame, probably a good 8-10 inches further back than this one is.

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    Couple more pics.... The new brass combo valve had a leak, so I put the iron one on.

    Some of the fittings are a special size, I bought them from 'The Right Stuff'.


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    I used 67 lines on my 65.
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