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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by Omar33, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Omar33

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    Hi folks,

    I'm Omar new to the V8buick community !

    Long story short,,, I'm working on swapping LS1 & TH400 into my 63 skylark and I have a huge concern regarding the factory rearend if it's going to stay tight with ls1 < mods: bolts on & custom cam 350-360 " hoping" to the wheel!

    The rearend is 4 link style. I'm assuming it's same as GM 10 bolt diff < correct me if I am wrong!
    Any one have delta with 61-63 skylark F85 diff before ?
    Other thing I would like to ask is the break system. I want to preform front disc break conversion and I am thinking to use foxbody discs break.have any one done it before or should I go a different direction?< the car has American racing 15*7 4 lugs rims . The bughet is limited can't switch to 5 lugs as it requires new wheels which definitely will blow it out< I want to be safe driving it with the ls1 power need ur input

    Thanks in advance


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  2. Omar33

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    No reply! Am I going to be the first blowing up the 63 skylark diff ! As well thinkin to use foxbody disc breaks ! Need inputs ppl

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  3. LARRY70GS

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  4. monzaz

    monzaz Jim

    Not much you can do on a BUDGET.
    BUDGET- I assume you are using that term as an adjective in this case? IF not what is YOUR budget (verb or Noun).

    LS motors ( around here are not cheap and get gobbled up FAST) and stuff require more money as they put out torque... The hurdle you have is pretty stout with out funds.

    Never did a Mustang disc brake conversion to a GM so some one else better chime in on that. I am not a early A-body expert so the front discs i am unfamiliar if they are close to the fronts on later 64-72 models. IF the rear is totally on its own I would say the rest will be too. They were neat little cars BUT the support is just not there on the parts.
    The rear is ALL on its own (61 62 63). I am sure something can be used to replace it...BUT the chassis will be needed or the rear so mounting points can be mocked up.

    Most of the time I just see guys do a complete coil over rear package tubular trailing arms and new chassis mounting and delete all stock arms etc. BUT that requires a good bank roll. ....

    Sorry this is not the answer your looking for... maybe other guys have better solutions with funds you have.

    J D
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  5. Omar33

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    Thanks guys for ur inputs.

    Sorry not to mention that I'm from Saudi Arabia < < used to live in Ohio where I bought the car and shipped it overseas.

    And that's why I going LS1 swap as it's very cheap and ppl in Middle East have done a lot of ls swap projects over the years < engine + factory harness + ECU + TH400 transmission = cost me 3000 SA which is equal to 800$ !!!

    My budget is , in US dollars, 7k and my main goal is to get the car back to the road < the current engine is blown up and shipping parts from us cost a hell of money !!

    As for the rearend probably I'm going to wait and see for how long it can hold the power! <most likely I'm going to use ford 8.8 rearend. Trying to avoid shipping cost and take advantage of local market as much as possible!

    Foxbodys are 4 lug and came factory with 16" rims < seems I am going to explore the possibility of using foxbody disc break on 61-62-63 skylarks f85s with 15" rims < will keep u guys posted in case if we work it out either by using foxbody or Honda ! For now the main focus to get the engine & trans installed.

    Thanks again

  6. monzaz

    monzaz Jim

    YAh that would CHANGE things a TON... lol. You have to use parts that are available over there. I would say try to get a Fox body rear to go under the car. 58.7 inches wide so that width should go ok under the car. Upper arms you will need to modify Maybe buy double adjustable ones with spherical rod end and modify them. Lowers just see how it looks. If you have access to a welder ...pretty sure you can make anything work.
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  7. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    For brake upgrade perhaps you can stick with the drum brakes and go with shoes from;


    "MCB all new technologically advanced Matrix Ceramic Brake Shoes will outperform any over the counter brake shoes 2 to 1. MCB Matrix Ceramic Brake Shoes are less detrimental to the drums, require less pedal effort and less fade giving a more positive braking result in shorter stopping distances. For maximum performance and stopping power, order both front & rear. Stage-I is a direct replacement and is sold per axle set (2 wheels)."

    Not sure what international shipping would be though? GL
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  8. Omar33

    Omar33 Member

    Yes it does change the game lool < why ls1 super cheap is that GM had marked Holden statesman " came equipped with LS1 " in Middle East as CHEVY caprice 2000-2006. All the years model came with 241 heads and the 2006 came with ls6 intake !!!

    Regarding the rearend, thanks for the heads up will think deeply when I blew the factory diff up hopefully not soon

    Will keep u guys updated with the build!
  9. Omar33

    Omar33 Member

    Thanks for the heads up. I Couldn't find shoes for the skylark will give them a call. Btw do you know anybody used their products ?
  10. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    Unfortunately I don't know of anyone that has tried them.

    I plan on trying them when the shoes in my '65 Impala need to be replaced. The Impala has manual single master cylinder 4 wheel drum brakes that can slow the 4,400 lb car down going 100 + MPH on a QM track and slow down good enough to make the first turn turnaround! That is even when hot lapping the car so no plans for disc brake conversion for this car, I don't see the need.

    To be fair though, the full size '65 Impala has 11" drum brakes, not the wimpy 9" drum brakes that the A-body cars came with.

    But with my '64 Skylark with 4 wheel drums that car stop very well too and still made the first turnaround at around the same MPH as the Impala when the bigger engine was in the Skylark. Not sure how they would act @ 120 mph though?
  11. Sportwagon400

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    you will blow up the original rear end first time you hit the gas and there are no parts for it wheels are hard to find so look at building an entire new suspension front and rear, and cutting the floor out to fit the transmission there is no room for the parts you want to install just start throwing money at it that's what you need to do it is not a bolt in or bolt on car zero support for bolt on parts all will have to be fabricated

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