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    I'm going in for another Dyno tune tommorrow (I'll post the results). My 401 powered Electra has just received a new quadrajet carb which sits on a '66 425 intake (so the bores match) and runs on 98 octane premium unleaded and '104' brand octane boost. It feels good and I know I'll get more than last time (200 bhp at the rear wheels).

    I need some timing specs because he is going to pull the distributor out and give it the once over. I run Pertronix system with a Crane high performnace Coil. I noticed that the stock 2.5 degrees is no where near as powerful as when I adjust it up to around 5-7 degrees but of course as soon as I give it the juice it starts pinging at which point I immediately let off and re-adjust until it stops pinging (and then a bit less to be sure). Back to boring 'old lady style' safe and retarded. Boring :boring:

    I want to take advantage of the increase in power at the lower revs while not destroying the motor by over timing it on the top end as a result. I've asked this question before my last tune-up of some groups and have seen the suggested timing specs for good allround peformance but when I took those specs to the mechanic he balked and said "no way, man. I'm not bringing it all in until at least 3,500). I think the spec I told him was 32 degrees, all in by 2800 rpm.

    I have seen this spec mentioned a few times around the net and was wondering if I should insist or what? Can someone suggest the best timing or what works best for a heavy car with a driver who has an even heavier foot.


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