350 in a 61 special, help, needed

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by BuickSmith, May 6, 2010.

  1. BuickSmith

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    going to put a 68 350 in a 61 special wagon with stock cross member, Can anyone tell me if the 350 oilpan will clear, and if i need to run the 215 motor mounts, i know that the 215 and 350 are in the same family but will the pans, oil pick up and mounts interchange, Further, any hints to headers that will fit on this combo, Block hugger shorts, ext, Any help would be great. Thanks. BuickSmith.
  2. doc

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    Well,,, do we call you BS for short????:laugh: :laugh:
    Could not resist that one.... to answer your question,,,sort of,,,, in the old days , I have seen crossmembers dropped to clear oil pans, and also have seen pieces of pipe run thru oil pans so steering drag links could go thru them... extreme,,,, yep... but that is what it took to get the job done... also when you do this kind of mods you need to be really sure of the welding, because your life litterally depends on it,,, it needs to pass x-ray and be made of substantial stuff... if you make it about three times stronger than it needs to be , it will be just right....
    That 350 should make the little special into a beast...the other one that would would be the GN engine....i have built some 300's but in a 64 chassis....
    There is one trick that you might use if it would help,,, is to space the body up off the frame a inch to and inch and a half... that gives clearance for a lot of stuff under the car... and wont adversely affect any thing... just got to space the front end up the same as the rest of the car...I once had a drag strip tech guy walk around my car for 15 minutes saying ''there is just something about that car,,, I cant put my finger on it but there is something about that car''.... :laugh: :laugh: I just looked at him and shrugged....:laugh: :laugh:
  3. BuickSmith

    BuickSmith Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. Like the idea of the body lift. Wont work on mine though, is is unabody.:( Later BuickSmith

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