25% off color coded circuit diagrams from ClassicCarWiring.com

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  1. elagache

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    Dear V-8 Buick fans,

    Classic Car Wiring . com is a small outfit that makes very handy wiring diagrams for all kinds of classic cars in full and correct color. Here is a sample from their website;


    According to them, there is only one sale a year and this is it. To quote:

    Memorial Day is almost here, and we are excited to announce a sale that only comes around once a year in honor of all those who have served and continue to serve our country!

    Use offer code 2525 to redeem 25% off your next order now through 05/26/2020.

    So if you've wanted one of these diagrams to help you with your electrical projects, here is your chance to save some money and help one of those small businesses that are an important part of the classic car hobby.

    Cheers, Edouard
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  2. 12lives

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  3. woody1640

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    I've found all the wiring schematics for my 63 Skylark in the factory original chassis manual.

  4. elagache

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    Dear Bill, Keith, and V-8 Buick fans,

    That is correct. You don't need these color correct wiring diagrams. The service manual has all the same information. However, it is much easier to follow the wiring when you have a diagram that is in true color. So it is convenience - not a necessity.

    Cheers, Edouard
  5. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    These are enlarged and laminated. Todd sells the poster size ones too. Seems easier than the folded up service manual ones, also easier to clean. I ordered a few - I'll report on their quaility when I get them.
  6. ToddsGS

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    Thanks Bill for the referral.

    I do sell these also but mine are 24" x 36". My everyday price is $23.00 so very comparable to there "Sale Price". (however mine are not laminated but a tad bigger)
    Either version is a nice "tool" to have if you're working on wiring issues.

    As Edouard mentioned these are much easier to read than any of the factory manuals and diagrams that GM put out back in the day.

    If anyone is interested in mine here's the link > https://www.stage1restoration.com/product-category/wiring_diagrams/

  7. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    Mine came in - They are NOT reproductions of the factory diagrams. Wires are not labeled as to color and the symbols are not labeled either. I'm going to try to return them. Go with Todd's.
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