1968 SportWagon Revival

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by 95CCRMW, Nov 30, 2014.

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    Hi, i noticed that the wagon section needs some love so ill post here. The SportWagon belonged to my grandpa who was the original owner. When he passed away it was given to me and my dad. The car has been apart for about 30 years and started to get resurrected over the summer. First i recruited my friend to help me with some of the heavy lifting. After that i began to work on the front suspension. It is getting converted to front discs. Sandblasted all of the pieces including the bolts, primed, and painted them. Got new ball joints and put them in. Repainted the upper and lower a-arms. Ordered new springs, got new shocks, idler arm, new inner and outer tie rods. Got alot of work done this summer and plan to do what i can indoors over the winter.

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  2. Briz

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    Very cool. Keep up the progress and you'll be driving it in no time
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    very cool .. the world will be a better place with another 68 Sporty on the road :TU:
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    Well haven't had any progress in a long time... hope to change that soon. My dad just ordered new brake hardware, front wheel bearings and brake lines so hopefully ill have something to do soon. Hopefully start making progress in May when I'm out for the summer. I did however get myself a grand cherokee box and shaft from the yard on Friday. My puller tool was useless at the yard so i got the box home however i could this time... brought the trans home to clean up, do a shift kit, and change the solenoid. Cant wait to get going again!

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    Other than heat I dont think there is an easy way to get that pitman / drag link connection apart. Usually gotta beat the crap out of it and use a pickle fork
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    If you can get the nut off, you can also try striking the drag link with two hammers (two pounds each,minimum) at the same time. Not easy to synchronize, but I've done it that way as well. As Briz has said, the pickle fork works. My suggestion is for if you don't have one. If you use either method, be sure to use eye protection.

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