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  1. Uriel Rivera Quintero
  2. Detroit2cali
  3. Will Petrie
    TA performance for any parts you need. They are kinda pricey but all in all a very good place. Tech support is the best in the biz. I bought a few hundred dollars worth of stuff from them for my build. TA 288-94H cam is their sleeper grind and...
  4. Will Petrie
    She is finally home. I am having trouble with starters braking. I am running 11 degrees initial timing and 36 all in. A high performance starter with gear reduction was starting it fine but the gears in it gave out. No kick back or back firing....
  5. Will Petrie
  6. Will Petrie
    ITS running and running good!
  7. Daniel chavez
    This is a dream for me. Just got added to this site today and seen this car and wanted to buy it. Further readin it said it was sold on eBay. Congrats to you and a beautiful car. Wish I found this site sooner. I am also looking for a 68/69gs...
  8. Darron72Skylark
    Looks like a great project! What kind of build are you thinking of doing?
  9. 72STAGE1
  10. Rui
  11. Tyrone Dickerson
    What's good Big Mike I will be riding with you in a min bro .. I remember when you got that thang is that the power windows I sold you ???? Its looking damn good ...Ronnie Ron
  12. Darron72Skylark
    What a great project! That floor patch is huge!
  13. 72STAGE1