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    Being somewhat of a "stocker", this is something I contemplate from time to time. Chasing that carburetor adjustment screws for weeks just to have one with the right looks. What makes such things feel important, anyway? Is it worth it?

    Maybe its a part of our subconscious mind that tells us that to handle the future, we have to learn of the past. A preserved car is a glimpse into the past, our history. Our ancestors would probably have died out long ago if they did not improve activities that influence survival, like agriculture and hunting and gathering, based on previous experiences and artifacts.

    Imagine a conversation around breakfast out in the wild 10000 years ago. Birds chirping in the trees as the sun slowly heats the air. The unhurried energetic guy opens up by saying that we should build new plow, right away, because the current will probably break. Contemplative Eric suddenly says he has some ideas for how, but lets look at the old plows first. Carpenter Jordan, who is a prehistoric stocker, keeps a load of them behind his hut. They go there, pick up the best from the old plows, avoid the pitfalls they see, build the most excellent plow so far in the shortest time. Without all the collected previous constructions they would have to start basically from scratch every time. This tribe prevails and tribes with stockers spread over the earth? I do not know... The present plow probably harnesses a lot of information as is also. Anway, Even if not everyone wants their own museum, most people to some degree holds some sort of fascination of some degree for old stuff. At least if it is old stuff related to whatever their present day interest in, be it cars or water skis or hair dressing. This must come from something at least, the reason we bother with and just love steam engines, old cars and what have you.

    I personally always experience tension between preserving history contra being pragmatic and having something that runs very well today. We always drive around the car and have a ton a fun in it. So air suspension would be kind of cool. But its just so historically incorrect. So hmm.... Maybe... Nope... I needed a new starter. I ended up researching for hours what to do. Calling the store asking how they are stamped. Considered rebuilding the current one for like multiple times the money of a new starter. Then I found that the current starter had the wrong part number anyway, which honestly was kind of a relief... So I just bought a rebuilt one with another non-matching number. Blower fan went out, so actually bought a new aftermarket one. The old OEM fan only needs new brushes so probably rebuilt that one when I find parts and put it back. I also need a new distributor. I want it to look stock. But the reproduction HEI just look sooooo solid with their clicking solid connectors. And not having to bother with another component, the coil. And seems to be so pain-free. Pre-curved, I can just plug it in and forget it. But it doesn't look stock. Will I, or the next owner, continue to put in new non-matching part all over the place if I start here? And so on and so forth, even when choosing the layout of the wire harness I have this debate with myself. Sometimes too much, honestly, I have to find the level I aim for and take efficient decisions based on that. I have other stuff that I happily fix quickly with whatever parts I have laying around, but the Buick deserves a bit more attention I think :)

    Enough rambling about me, how do you go about these things? Everyone is so different with this.
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    Im fairly confident they make medication for you....lol

    We all strive for originality, but unless you own a museum piece, you have to make certain compromises for driveability...

    Some of the Boss 429 guys at the mustang nationals just push the cars out of the trailers and roll them to the show field. Some of thrm don't even have working batteries and roll on 53 year old "display only" tires. 3800 lb paperweights
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    Not me - been beaten up and buried in judging. Google Bloomington Gold Benchmark award - as if a Bloomington Gold wasn't good enough.
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