Why can't I find a Used Car?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by 12lives, May 21, 2023.

  1. 12lives

    12lives Control the controllable, let the rest go

    Never thought about this - big international business!
    "The global market for used light-duty vehicles grew nearly 20% from 2015 to 2019, when more than 4.8 million were exported. There was a slight dip in exports in 2020 when the Covid pandemic started, but numbers are now “growing quite rapidly,” United Nations Environment Programme official Rob de Jong told CNN.

    The US exports about 18% of the world’s used vehicles, according to UNEP data. These travel all over the globe, including to the Middle East and Central America, but many go to Nigeria, Benin and Ghana (ie: West Africa).

    Some of these are salvaged cars that have been in accidents, were flooded, or are just too old – which get auctioned off for parts. Others are whole used cars that US car dealers are looking to offload."
    from MSN
  2. GSXER

    GSXER Well-Known Member

    Yep...I compete with the rest of the world every day.Wholesale prices are still way high from where we were pre covid.
  3. 66electrafied

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    Used Duramax pickups were getting stolen from the company parking lot until they finally posted a guard to check IDs coming in. Speculation was that the vehicles were either slaughtered for parts or shipped overseas. Where the cops were in this entire business is anyone's guess. it appears that they don't do anything about stolen vehicles anymore, they just let the insurance companies pay out.
    So with that in mind, no surprise there are no vehicles for sale. Up here it's worse than in the States, Canada is slowly becoming a 3rd world backwater economy much like Mexico and as a result, no one wants to do business here.
  4. Brandon Cocola

    Brandon Cocola Well-Known Member

    I figured it was the push for electric vehicle and the 100k new cars that pushed people to keep there old cars. Then instead of people getting something new and making used cars plentiful everyone is keeping the old stuff going until it's worthless.
  5. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    What cops? Many who could have retired early or sought out the quiter suburban jobs where the citizens (and politicians) don’t hate them. The ones who are left are stretched thin and afraid to do their jobs for fear of being prosecuted or thrown under the bus by their mayors and city officials. Many are demoralized by prosecutors who won’t do their jobs. Car theft is low on the list because insurance does cover it (if people have it, and don’t own Kias).
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  6. Mister T

    Mister T Just truckin' around

    Trying to find a decent used truck around 2002-03 in Canada was all but impossible. All the lower mileage units were shipped to the US as our dollar was worth more than the greenback at the time. I spoke with a few people who were clearing 1-1.5 k per truck after shipping!! Took me a few months to finally find one that escaped that future.

    It's not a new phenomenon.
  7. efogs400

    efogs400 Platinum Level Contributor

    Spot on - My Neighbor retired and sold his house a few years ago. He purchased a new 5th Wheel and a new Ford F-450 Platinum (115K) to pull it. While on a 10 day cruise out of Miami he parked it in the MIA Parking Garage, when he returned it was gone. Called the police and they took a report, Cop says, yeah, they lose 3-5 of these expensive trucks a day out of MIA. My friend asks how do they get them out of the garage when they don't have a parking ticket? He says, the attendants are in cahoots with the criminals and get paid to call them when a truck comes in that is desirable, and then again to open the gate and let them pass when they steal it. Bewildered, he asks if you know this why isn't someone addressing this, he says, hey, this is Miami, we barely have the resources to investigate Murders.

    The next day he gets a GPS hit on his Ford App that shows it was parked at a warehouse near the port of Miami. He calls the cops back and they said nothing they could do as it was on private property, then he asks, isn't it insured? and when he responds yes, the cop says, well there ya go, nothing we can do, hangs up.

    Insurance covered the truck, but since Covid it did not cover the increase on a new one (125K, plus all the 5th Wheel equipment and personal things in the truck, when he finally found one.
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  8. Mark Demko

    Mark Demko Well-Known Member

    Stories like this really jar my ass:mad:
    If I had that scenario happen to me I’d TRY and take my truck back, ESPECIALLY after what the police replied!!
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  9. 12lives

    12lives Control the controllable, let the rest go

    Open concealed carry in Florida...
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  10. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    Funny how when prices go up quickly, they never really tend to come back anywhere near where they were when things stabilize.
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  11. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    So you mean to tell me if you stole a vehicle and had it on your private property and someone tipped off the cops that the cops would say too bad it is on private property we can't do anything? Yeah, I don;t think so. Absolute lawlessness. It sickens me.
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  12. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    Insurance might cover it but the whole joke is that the rates skyrocket in those areas or for those vehicles. Nothing is free.
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  13. bw1339

    bw1339 Well-Known Member

    For one, the dollar is not worth anything like it was three years ago.
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  14. efogs400

    efogs400 Platinum Level Contributor

    That's what they told him - welcome to the new America.
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  15. Michael_G

    Michael_G Living the Dream... Fast with Class...

    Thought the same thing before I read your post...
  16. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    I would have pulled the ECM and took it on the cruise with me :p

    Peace WildBill
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  17. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    The used car situation is why i am sooo pissed off right now that the crack head chick wiped out my 77,000 mile 2012 Toyota Corolla LE.....i can't find anything near as nice with low mileage...and the damn insurance company only gave me half of what it is really worth:mad:
    But i am going to sue them for loss of wages and pain and suffering and such......

    Peace WildBill

    p.s.....just wait til there are no more ICE cars being made.....
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  18. gokitty

    gokitty Platinum Level Contributor

    Friend was in Staples today. According to him ,Staples was selling a regular, nothing special Hershey's milk bar for $3.89.
    Wife was in a Food Lion grocery store about 3 weeks ago when she saw a family (parents/coupla kids) pushing a baby stroller. The diaper/bottle bag on the back of the stroller was packed with groceries and their little boy was slugging down a soft drink from one of the checkout coolers. The family bypassed the checkout lanes and calmly pushed the loaded stroller out the door into the parking lot. Dismayed, my wife asked the checkout clerk "Did you see that?" The response was "yes". Wife asked the checkout clerk "Aren't you going to stop them?" Checkout clerk shrugged and said "No,can't do that ...corporate policy". Moral of the story? Stealing is a protected class of behavior now. Food and other folks property are yours for the taking. No penalties for theft. Under this system of property rights, you coulda just accepted the insurance company's check, swiped a nice truck, put it on your private property and away you go. Registering it might be problematic,though.
  19. bw1339

    bw1339 Well-Known Member

    Given those role models, I'm sure the children in that family will grow to be outstanding, productive members of society.
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  20. Brian Albrecht

    Brian Albrecht Gold Level Monkey


    That's the only word for it. Work just had me in downtown Cleveland for 3 weeks. I hope I'm not offending anyone on here, but I don't know how it could be much worse. When I was younger, downtown streets were filled with nicely dressed business folks. In Cleveland, there was virtually no pedestrian or car traffic during business hours, let alone off hours. Walking the streets equated to a gauntlet of dope smoking thugs, overly aggressive panhandlers, and angry homeless with incoherent communication skills. Everything was locked down everywhere you went, even inside private buildings. Easy entrances to the host hotel? All closed. A nearby mall area was still "open", but somehow didn't have a single store with a name I recognized. $18+ for a walk up cup of soup and a salad there at lunch time. It wasn't long ago you could eat lunch just about anywhere for a 5.

    Yes, our vehicles were given the once over nearly every night and there was only one way they were getting the keys - our valets.
    One guy I was with had a gun stolen out of his car. One guy had his phone report his truck doors opening two nights between 3 and 4am. Parking prices... OMG. I can only assume that's a great way to help soak suburbia and prop up city coffers.

    There was a very inclusive 5 story Cleveland Police "help wanted" billboard out the window of our meeting room that made you feel just that much more comfortable with the city.

    The good news is we are no longer becoming 3rd world, we have arrived. We just have to accept and adapt gentlemen.
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