Rocky Mtn Buick GS Club Annual Get-Together Englewood Colo. Sept. 28

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  1. schwemf

    schwemf Mike Schweitzer

    Hello Everyone,
    Our "summer" get-together will be on Saturday, September 28, 2024 at:
    Gateway Classic Cars
    14150 Grasslands Drive Unit A,
    Englewood, CO 80112

    It's free, and we'll be their featured car club, where our club will receive $10 per car in attendance! Can't beat that!!

    We were lucky to get a date this year, as all other time slots are taken! A special thanks to Mike Nearing for suggesting this venue.

    Please get the word out to our fellow Buick GS folks. With all the growth of the Denver metro area I'm sure there are plenty of new Buick GS folks around that we really should meet.

    (303) 564-1744
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  2. lostGS

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    I will defiantly put that down as an up coming event to attend.

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