Rochester 4GC on a nailhead- I need a diagnosis

Discussion in 'Other' started by buick64203, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Yeah, come on up Jason. I'm sure between the two of us we can figure it out. I have some used pumps also sitting around that we could also try. Is Eric still in contact with the guy he gave the green seats to from the '61 he had years ago???? Maybe that guy would be willing to "Give" them up after all these years????

    Tom T.
  2. buick64203

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    Thanks Tom!

    The new pump should be in tomorrow morning at Napa. Im gonna try a brandy new one and see whats what on Sunday. I have my fingers crossed.

    Eric just picked up 2 more 61 parts cars this week. I thought I was nuts.
  3. doc

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    Me, I got a frien that has some leather seats out of a 98 caddy... for cheap....
  4. buick64203

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    We installed a brandy new fuel pump from Napa and guess what? FUEL PRESSURE!! That means we had a bad fuel pump on the car and the two replacements were bad as well. Go figure. This stuff only happens to me. I thought I was going nuts. But... we still had it hooked up to the boat tank at this point.

    So we connected the line from the tank of the car and started it. Started stalling out again!!! :spank: After uttering some bits of foul language, what I did notice was that the rubber line going to the fuel pump was 3/8" and its supposed to be 5/16". Plus the rubber line felt soft. So we replaced the rubber line from the frame rail to the pump which is about 30". Once out, it was like a wet noodle. I also noticed that the line was kind of flat. Like it came from the end of the roll of fuel line maybe. Since this line was questionable, we deceided to remove the sender and inspect the line at the back of the car to the sender. Same thing- wet, flat noodle. We take the sender out and inspect the sock. Sock isnt clogged. We did find out why the fuel gauge doesnt work- the brass float is a sinker. I tried soldering the holes up, I think it worked for abour a 1/2 hour. :Dou:

    Someone had the sender out as there was black silicone as a gasket. Isnt that gas soluable? We cut out a new gasket and reinstalled the sender with some new round 5/16" rubber line. :grin:

    Low and behold the car runs! I can only figure that the rubber line was possibly collapsing under the suction of the new pump? Maybe the line had a pinhole in it? Who knows.

    But, the engine still rans like dog s**t. Very rough and almost sounding like a miss. The prior owner told me he had a "full tune up" done and all the ignition components look new. Just for laughs, lets check the timing. Timing was off the charts- probably two inches below the timing mark. I adjust it back to 12 degrees and the idle quality improved ALOT. The car was way more reponsive as well. I re adjusted the dwell and took her for a ride....finally. Runs much better. Still could use some fine tuning and tinkering, but at least the damn thing runs and drives. I think part of the problem might be that this car really hasnt run that much in the past several years. Im sure it could use a good blowout on the highway.

    Some of them are fighters. This one fought me hard. But I won the battle.

    All thats left is to install the passenger side window and detail the interior. I think one more Sunday afternoon and I should be able to button this one up.
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    That's what today's fuel does to the older rubber hoses & is the reason I ALWAYS replace the hoses with the fuel injection hose. This is what you used, right????

    Tom T.
  6. buick64203

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    Ooops...used regular 5/16" Gates rubber hose. :Dou:

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