Plug n Play Buick distributor, w/ Pertronix, Power timed

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  1. techg8

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    Everyday Performance LLC is proud to offer this Plug n Play Buick distributor. Set up and Tested on our SUN504 distributor machine, it is ready to run. Get the most performance out of your engine!

    This distributor has been completely rebuilt including new bushings, lube and seals.

    A Pertronix solid state points conversion kit has been installed so you wont ever have to mess with adjusting dwell or changing points!

    This Plug n Play distributor has been fitted with a custom advance curve specifically for performance Buick engines. No need to hassle with springs and limiters - its been done for you!
    • mechanical advance starts at 650rpm, and 20 degrees comes in by 2500 rpm. There is a hard limit of 22 degrees at 3000rpm. (example: initial timing of 12degrees will produce total timing of 34 degrees)
    • The vacuum advance unit has been limited to 10 degrees advance.
    A new cap and rotor (black) are included.

    The distributor is currently set up with a new Bronze gear for Big Blocks, but it can be swapped out for a small block gear if that is your preference.

    This Plug n Play electronic converted Buick distributor WILL fit under the Buick GS air cleaner.

    $300 shipped
    Insured shipping from CT via USPS priority mail.
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    Wow - that's a screaming good deal.
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  3. techg8

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  4. rkammer

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    Is the vacuum advance curve adjustable through the vacuum port on the canister? Just a thought about the centrifugal advance starting at 650...........What about motors that need to idle at 700 or higher because of cam specs? Can the advance start at a higher RPM say, 900 or so?
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  5. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    It is not an adjustable vacuum advance can, but one can be installed.

    and yes it can easily be tuned so that the mechanical advance holds off longer.

    I can set it up however the buyer wants it.
  6. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

  7. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

  8. yellowgs400

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    Is this something for sale on the regular? I was looking at this and may be in the market shortly.
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  10. techg8

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    Yes, I can build a distributor to your specs.

    Contact me when you're ready and I will be glad to be of service!


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