Need a machine shop that can handle a big block ... preferably in Texas

Discussion in 'Street/strip 400/430/455' started by pd1096, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. pd1096

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    I live in Austin Texas and I'm looking for a Machine shop I can trust with my Riv's 430. I'm hoping to save the engine ... it has a knock. If it isn't salvageable I'll put a 455 in it, but I'll still need a machine shop. Any help is appreciated, even if its out of state ... although I'm really hoping to avoid those monster shipping costs.

  2. carmantx

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    I use a shop in Lubbock that does everything to my specs. I am near San Antonio now and dont know of any places around here. Hopefully other Texas folks can find you something closer.
  3. wovenweb

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    GSXing has recommended G&G Performance Engines in Tomball, TX. Still a bit of a drive, but he said several guys around the Houston area had used them.
  4. JR Wills

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    G&G do Most of the BBB in the Houston area. Joe & Chris have been around for Years, are Knowledgeable, & actually Like the Buicks.
    It would be worth the drive.
  5. afracer

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  6. DeanTX

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    Check out Kim Barr Racing Engines in Garland, TX. He has done machine work for me on 3 engines now. 30+ years experience in high performance engine building.

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