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Discussion in 'Buick FAQ' started by rus, Jan 11, 2022.

  1. rus

    rus Well-Known Member

    Is this a good motor to build for performance build? How far can this be bored safely?

    New at this and want to make sure it is a good to invest in.

  2. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    Question your sonic test guy, and ask him if he re-calibrated the tester sonic velocity. That is required when checking a Buick block.. If you use the Chevy/ford iron velocity, you get numbers that are way low..

    If he did, and your confident in his procedures and results, then no, that one would not be a piece to spend money on.

    I question the numbers, as I don't recall the last one I did that had one number under .100 anywhere, let alone 3 of them on one block. I check about 20 blocks a year, and might see one that has a pin axis cylinder wall down near .100 thick.

    With you taking in one block, and getting 3 numbers substantially below .100, your either really unlucky, or we need to start asking questions here.

    I might suggest a second opinion.. Find a different shop and this time, advise your new test guy that you were told that this block requires a different sound velocity than the typical iron block. It should make him curious enough to check it, and make sure his tester is reading accurately. A good machinist in this situation, would sense your concern, and check his tester right in front of you.

    Have him do one hole, and compare it to the sheet you have now.. if it's close, then pay the man for his time and set that block aside. If the readings on that one hole are different, then have him recheck the entire block.


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