Lost BA 70 trans last installed in a Red (originally Green) 70 GS convert fromDenver

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by schwemf, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. schwemf

    schwemf Mike Schweitzer

    Thank you, VET. I'm hesitant to actually sign up for this service, as I just don't trust them. Plus, this is their disclaimer: "Our data includes vehicles after 1981 when the standard 17-digit VIN was created. "

    This is the issue that I've run into when searching the government/free DMV databases.
  2. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    All I can tell you is I used them to search the vins of three 1970
    Buicks, Stage 1's and GS 455's.
    Did a great job.
    The search for 1 vehicle is $1.00.

    It's very difficult to search for an older vehicle because most auto vin search websites don't search the longer older vehicle vin's, but Bumper does.

    Good luck on your search. Vet
  3. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    Correction: Our older cars have a shorter Vin#, 13. Most vehicle search companies only take or search the 17 number Vins like you pointed out.
    Bumper. com searches the older Vins.
    Sorry for the confusion.
    They will even tell you if the car has been titled as a Salvage vehicle.
    Best I can do for you. Vet
  4. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    I just ran my own Vin# on Bumper.com and it came up with a 1970 Buick GS, which is true.

    I will make you this offer.
    I will PayPal you the money it cost to run the Vin number you are searching for.

    Just PM me your email address and I will send you money via PayPal. You have nothing to lose. Vet.
    Or you can email me at foywhite@gmail.com.

    I just want to help you out and show you Bumper com can be a real asset in finding cars.
  5. Al_

    Al_ Well-Known Member

    The VIN will tell you that the car is a 1970 Buick GS. Did Bumper.com provide any other information than that it's a 1970 Buick GS?

    1970 Buick GS VIN.JPG
  6. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    Originally when I did a full vin# number search, it told me who owned the car previously to me and it's location (state) and it td me, as the new owner, my location, state. That was 3 years ago.

    Today, I just did the search, with out paying. It will only tell you what car the vin# belongs to.

    If I'm agreed to a full paid search, Bumper.com would have provided a lot more information. Vet
  7. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    If you go to Bumper.com, they do a great job of telling more information than I just did.

    Reason, I was using them is because I was getting information from classic car dealerships that I didn't believe.
    A lot of these classic car dealerships lie about what they are selling you, so, if I could get their vin# I did a search using it.
    A lot of times they just stick a number in that's not a vin, I have to contact them and go around and around to get the vin. They don't want to deal with you if they think you are not serious.
    Also, when you ask them you want to send a auto inspector to their lot, they say no way.
    That is another red flag to me.
    So I ended up trying to buy a Buick from private sales until one of the guys on the forum,
    Chris P, found a Buick for me at a consignment dealership.
    After I bought the Buick, I no longer needed Bumper com subscription services. Vet

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