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Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by dreeesh, Jun 9, 2024.

  1. dreeesh

    dreeesh Well-Known Member

    do i get my instrument panel rechromed or go with the place repro.if you have gripes about either or please post pictures so i can weight out and make my choice....thank you for anyone who posts
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  2. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Personally, I would (& will) go the rechrome route although the repro part seems decent & at least the (good) repro applique is made for either as the repro dash is slightly different.
  3. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    If you want to keep your Buick as original (factory stock) as possible, I would go with

    For my wants, I went with aftermarket digital dash gages, I love the Dakota gages.
    My 70 GS is Gulfstream Blue and the gages light-up the same color blue.
    Another plus-up are gages read water temperature in degrees, oil pressure in pounds, and battery current in volts. VET (Navy).

    Dakota dash gages 70 Buick GS (1).jpg
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  4. dreeesh

    dreeesh Well-Known Member

    do you know someone who does the rechrome.i have a good core i can send.whats the price in comparison to repro?.................thanks ed
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  5. Brett Slater

    Brett Slater Super Moderator Staff Member

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  6. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    I think plastic chroming, master cylinders, & hood hinges are going to be the next rounds of stuff I get done for all my cars. I'm afraid the next crisis in this hobby is these places that do the stuff we can't so easily do ourselves aren't going to be around &/or the ptices are going to become out of reach.
  7. Brett Slater

    Brett Slater Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have a nice core cluster I'm sending out this winter.

    I'm hopeful Dreeesh has some good intel in terms of current pricing.
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  8. dreeesh

    dreeesh Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the opportunity to quote on your project. Just to let you know we warranty our interior parts only.

    The prices below are for stripping, plating and or detailing your parts.

    Any repairs or customization will be quoted upon receipt of parts. We currently charge $35.00/hr shop time for repairs

    Depending on your computer screen settings you may need to scroll to the right to view the prices.

    1971 Buick GS
    Gauge Bezel: $352.00

    If you decide to proceed please print and fill out the attached customer information sheet, place in carton along with your parts

    Ship the parts to the address below.

    Vacuum Orna-Metal

    11380 Harrison rd

    Romulus, MI 48174

    Attn.: Steve

    Remove all Gauges and other Components.

    Send only the plastic parts that need to be decorated.

    Package the parts well to avoid breakage. We recommend wrapping each part in bubble wrap and using a carton large enough to provide cushion between the parts and carton wall.

    Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

    We will call for your credit card information when the parts are ready to return.

    If you need additional information please contact me at this email address:

    whitewallsteve@vacuumorna-metal.com or call (800) 827-6762

    Visit our website www.vacuumorna-metal.com and click on RESTORATIONS for more information and examples of our work.
  9. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    WoW, $35/per hour shop rate.
    I know where i'am going for chrome work, even if its a long way from Northern Virginia.
    VET (Navy)
  10. Brett Slater

    Brett Slater Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's actually a great price.

    I should probably package mine up and get it out to then. Looks like it would be ready before the summer ends.

  11. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    Good info
  12. dreeesh

    dreeesh Well-Known Member

    thats whats great about the buick community...we all get er done!!
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  13. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Any interest in seeing if they'd do a "group purchase" price for v8buick.com members?
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  14. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    Update: Dano, I was texting with Charlie in Detroit. He has used this company and says they are very good. Their main expertise is vacuum vapor chrome on plastics. Just FYI if you didn't know.

    I thought they also chromed bumpers and other chrome parts on cars, apparently they don't. Interesting they have a machine shop so i'am looking into what they make or repair in their machine shop.

    For plastics vapor chroming, they are excellent at. VET
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  15. Brett Slater

    Brett Slater Super Moderator Staff Member


    I just have to package mine up.
    It's totally bare.
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  16. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    Don't get so excited everyone. Get the shipping prices first. It might be more than the re-chroming.
  17. VET

    VET Navy Vet, Founders Club

    Hum, good thought.
  18. Dano

    Dano Platinum Level Contributor

    Whether or not we do something here wrt a group purchase (&/or whether they're willing), I seem to get good shipping rates w/my UPS account & would be happy to provide everyone labels. I doubt it'd be more than $20-25 from anywhere in the lower 48 to Michigan as longg as the box used isn't huge (obviously needs to be big enough to provide adequate cushion).

    I'm happy to approacch the group purchase w/them as well if @dreeesh doesn't want to.

    We could also inquire about under-column covers & radio bezels.
  19. 72STAGE1

    72STAGE1 STAGE 1 & 2

    Use the App, Shipping Pirate, 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of the Big 3.
  20. FJM568

    FJM568 Well-Known Member

    Pirateship. com
    No space

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