Is it Overkill..?

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by britt'sStage 1, Apr 21, 2024.

  1. britt'sStage 1

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    Hey Buick family :
    Wanted to know as far a Manual Transmission is concerned , is the Lenco ST1200 Transmission a good transmission to use behind a BBB Engine ...? Is there anyone who has used one , I read that it's a bit pricey.
    Pros/ Cons...wanted to know what the " learned " people who have insight about a LENCO ,in general and the ST1200 in particular. Thanks for any insights.
    Mr.Jay B.Britt ,Jr.
  2. knucklebusted

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    What are your plans for the car? Street or racing?

    You don't see many Lencos on the street. I'd definitely say it is overkill for a street car.

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