Help... Bad Ball Joint?

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  1. LarkVader

    LarkVader Member

    Brand new ball joints; went to button up and change gears to work on brakes and when I greased the upper ball joint grease almost immediately began pushing out the top of ball joint. See attached image.

    Anyone seen anything like this? The boot hasn't swelled at all and I doubt any grease made it down that far as it immediately pumped directly out of the top here. I double checked to make sure the ball joint bolts are torqued down and they are; still pumped straight out the side of the ball joint again. Kind of baffled.

    Are the new ball joints just piss poor quality and bad or is this typical/somewhat normal?

    All and any help/insight greatly appreciated.


  2. mrolds69

    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    I think it's kind of normal Steve, especially if you really pumped them up and weren't watching or if you pumped them up while the suspension was extended.Seems like the boot should be a little swollen, though.
  3. LarkVader

    LarkVader Member

    Suspension is at full droop/unloaded. Only put a pump or so with a manual grease gun, though. That's a good thought, though. I may try loading the suspension and retrying the grease gun to see if that changes anything.

    Many thanks, Frank.
  4. CJay

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    The nuts go on the top.. .

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