Heat riser valve delete * UPDATED 6/28/2020*

Discussion in 'Small Garage Products and Services' started by Hector, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. johnl

    johnl Member


    I definitely want to get one. What info do you need? What is the payment method? Also was this sent Private Message? I'm also not sure how this forum works as I am new to it. Let me know.


    John L.
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  2. mreuther

    mreuther Member

    Would like to get one of these if you have any available


  3. mikegs400

    mikegs400 Well-Known Member

    Hector, I love this part and would like to purchase one if you still have any? Mike
  4. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    Mike, yes I have some left.
    The price is $65.00. I accept PayPal or a postal money order as a form of payment. If using PayPal I ask that the money be sent as a gift since they will take about $4.00 on fees from me otherwise.

    I will need your address so I can package and label the item.

    Thanks, H├ęctor .
  5. mikegs400

    mikegs400 Well-Known Member

    Hector, I am going to send you postal money sending it ouy today thanks. Mike
  6. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

  7. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    Mike, I sent you a PM with the tracking #. Thanks.
  8. 95CCRMW

    95CCRMW Well-Known Member

    I would like to get in line for one. I also sent a pm. Thanks
  9. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    PMed back.
  10. citrusz

    citrusz Well-Known Member

    i need one
  11. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    PM'ed you with details.
  12. Mark Demko

    Mark Demko Well-Known Member

    Most single exhaust engines used a heat riser valve
  13. FLGS400

    FLGS400 Gold Level Contributor

    Hector- I am interested in getting one of these from you, if you still have any available. Application is 69 GS400. Thank you!
  14. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    I will pm you shortly.
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  15. sparkybuick

    sparkybuick Active Member

    I know this post is a little old but do you have any for a 455 available? Thanks
  16. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    I do. I will send you a PM shortly with all the details.
  17. Buicksky

    Buicksky Gold Level Contributor

    Hector pm me details so I can order one for a 69 GS 400. Thanks Tony
  18. Hector

    Hector '79 Buick Limited

    Part shipped today.
  19. DauntlessSB92

    DauntlessSB92 Addicted to Buick

    Hector I am interested in a riser delete to mount on my 67 GS400 manifold if you have any left



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