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Discussion in 'TA Performance' started by idahoskylark, Sep 14, 2023.

  1. idahoskylark

    idahoskylark idahoskylark

    Wanted to say how great Caroline at TA has been in helping gather all parts I needed for my 455 build. She has advised on a few choices I may have done wrong and suggested what would be a better fit. I have basically everything I need now beside a few small items on order still.
    My son is building a 455 for me in his last year at tech school in college.
    Thanks again Caroline. I'm sure I'll be ordering more soon. Still need headers haha.
    Luper Automotive
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    I will pass this on to Caroline. Thank you for the kind words. She really does her best to learn and help us all out here at TA Performance.
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