Correct Master Cylinder 1968 Special w/Manual Drum Brakes

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  1. el_37

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    I have a 1968 Special Deluxe 4 door sedan that is equipped with manual drum brakes. The car is a pretty original 350/ST300 car. Low options except for the F40 ride/handling package and power steering.

    Car currently has the Dorman replacement master cylinder. Functionally it is fine, but it stands out like a sore thumb visually. I would like to replace it with the correct master cylinder. Ideally, I would like a correct original that I can have rebuilt, but will also consider a reproduction that appears correct.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction in terms of part #'s or what is correct visually (i.e bleeder screws vs none)? I thought this would be pretty cut and dry, but I have noticed there seems to be lots of differences (i.e originals vs service replacements).

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Duane

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    The consensus is that the manual drum master cylinders came with a master without the bleeders.

    They will look just like the power drum brake masters but with no bleeders.
  3. Dano

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    I know that's the case on '70. Not sure about the other years.
  4. thepartsman

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    68 MANUAL.jpg
  5. Brett Slater

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    I had my original manual drum master cylinder redone by White Post in VA earlier this year.

    20220416_140932.jpg 20220801_210110.jpg 20220717_141338.jpg
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  6. el_37

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    Thanks for all the replies- I was able to locate the correct master cylinder with all the help. Once it arrives I will be sending it out to be rebuilt. Will update the thread once it is done.
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