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Discussion in 'Buick Events and Clubs' started by Lou Perfetto, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. Lou Perfetto

    Lou Perfetto All Throttle/ No Bottle

    Hey Guys,
    Is there anyone near Buffalo NY? It would be great to show up in force at a car show or race track. I am friends with one of the partners of Lancaster National Speedway. It is a 1/8 mile track but have a Buick Meet could be arranged. Anybody interested, let me know. Maybe a Northeast Weekend could be started. Close to Niagara Falls and plenty of hotels and services. The racetrack is in a safe neighborhood with plenty of parking for campers too. I am sure everyone has there summer plans, but how about 2022? Just throwing it out there....
  2. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Ugg

    Not a whole lot of Buick owners in the Buffalo area as you probably noticed but there are a few, a couple on this board. Even the BCA local chapter shows were pretty small.
  3. jsgs

    jsgs Well-Known Member

    Yeah we are few and far between. I'm at Lancaster pretty much every Friday. If something was arranged Lou, I'd get there, pending work, family obligations and the weather.
  4. Brandon Cocola

    Brandon Cocola Well-Known Member

    I'm between Rochester and Syracuse but my Buick is in no shape to drive more than 10' yet. My cousin stage 1 in my avatar is a little better, I can try to convince him to do something.
  5. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    I remember going to the Grand Island BCA meet a long time ago and being impressed by the turnout.
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  6. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Ugg

    I was there, it was NE BCA meet or something like that, the local chapter meets typically have 25 cars of all years.
  7. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    This was probably 15 years ago. I remember meeting @jsgs the night before at the track. It was nostalgic night and my good friend made it to the finals that night but red lighted. Honestly can't remember if it was Lancaster or NYIRP. Anyway I met up with him the next day in Grand Island. My Skylark wasn't done, I drove my truck up.

    I do remember the Skylark/GS cars were the minority. All sorts of cars there.
  8. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Ugg

    The BCA Nationals in Batavia had a race day at Lancaster Speedway. Thats were Roberta kicked my butt in the 1/8 mile :D Now I have a bone stock 68 GS that I was not pushing hard but even if I did it would not have mattered :p That was 2005? Grand Island was a few years before that.

    drags 001.jpg
  9. Roberta

    Roberta Buick Berta

    That was fun! Yes, 2005!!!
    Mine is stock too! Still!
  10. Thumper (aka greatscat)

    Thumper (aka greatscat) Well-Known Member

    Lots of Buicks in NE ohio. I'm 3 hours away. Also guys in erie ,pa,only 2 hours away.
  11. jsgs

    jsgs Well-Known Member

    Yeah that was awhile ago. There were some Canadian guys that showed up too. One in particular had a very snotty sounding '70, he is on this board.
    I think his name is Tom, he had a write up on installing a modern manual trans.....He goes by Stg2 something on the board I think.
    The two tracks have changed hands since. Lancaster is now officially known as NYIRP (New York International Raceway Park), but everybody still calls it Lancaster.
    The old NYRIP, is now Empire Dragway.
  12. 67 Post GS

    67 Post GS Well-Known Member

    That kid in the black t shirt behind Mike's car could be me. Ronnie
  13. 67 Post GS

    67 Post GS Well-Known Member

  14. jsgs

    jsgs Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ron
  15. Gary L244169

    Gary L244169 Well-Known Member

    If the borders ever open, I know there will be bunch north of border Buick guys that will go.

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