Body Mount Hole Repair

Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by NoVA_69_GS350, Sep 14, 2021.

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    I would also check the welds at the brackets for the lower A frame . I have seen some that were poorly welded from the factory. Since you are cleaning things up.
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    Update on frame with some pics.

    Got a local welder to come out to the house and weld some square patches on the frame where the crack was. The crack has been well covered/re-enforced by the patches. I also pulled the rear crossmember off as it was bent (more so than came stock) and had the welder put in a reprop one I got from OPGI. Once all that was done, put 2 coats of self-etching primer, 1 coat of regular primer, and 2 coats of flat black. I think it came out looking good. I measured the frame (using dimensions from the service manual) and it all lined up. I'm working on the front suspension/steering now, blasting stock control arms, gonna repaint them, putting on new proforged tall ball joints, replacing all the bushings. It's coming along slowly, but I can start to see it.

    Here's some pics of the frame.

    20211202-142018.jpg 20211202-142025.jpg 20211202-142032.jpg 20211202-142039.jpg 20211202-142043.jpg 20211202-173617.jpg 20211202-173639.jpg 20211202-173652.jpg 20211202-173658.jpg 20211202-173704.jpg
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    Are you going with the 1/2" taller ball joint? Did you coat the inside on the frame?

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