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    Here is a Buick 350 (369 cubes) that is 422 HP NA with low compression and 630 hp with a few PSI of boost:

    Here is a 1021 HP Buick 350 with stock ported intake, ported heads and only 355 CID:

    Here is a 10:1 compression Buick 350 that was 551 HP NA

    Some old circle track Buick 350 info about some 580 HP NA engines as well more info later in the thread about a Buick 350 powered car that ran 11.07 in the quarter.

    Nitrous on a stock 350:

    Then there are the guys running the stock class Buick 350s with stock carbs, stock intake, no head porting, stock lift on the cam etc and are in the mid 11s.

    Here is a twin turbo buick 350 that is about 550 HP with no internal mods other than a custom camshaft.

    350 in the mid 12s:

    That should get you started, and next time try to post a SBB question in the SBB section as you will get more response...

    Turbo buick 350 homemade!!

    Instructions on how to change rear seal.
    350 head project with flow #'s!

    head year differences

    The 546 hp Buick 350 without power adder

    Our plight for heads...

    Nitrous at the track!

    TA intake

    Head swapping

    9 Mark Burton goes Fast with class, so call Burton Machine today for your Custom Buick 350 parts or builds


    I really like the tall Poston valvecovers in Black!:

    Intakes- T/A, Poston, and Burton...
    11*Any other suppliers yet? Any dyno runs?

    GS Johnny, Darren Gun and Hector as well have put in great showings, with Hectors being a dual plane air gap!!!!!

    The amount of hard work and decication to build a 350 intake is mind boggling! Pat on the back to Hector, Johnny, and Mark.

    For anyone who does not know this already, Darryl welded up the alum singleplane inthe 80s that was used on the 551 hp Rob margel engine. Also Darryl and his Buddy were shoooting nitrous on 350s that made over 500 HP NA!

    Headers- T/A and Hooker
    12*Are both still available? Any flange kits available for custom apps?

    Flange kits for the Buick 350 are ordered at Burton Machine then add any custom header to his BEEFY flanges 509-860-3370 or Poston wil also make the headers in 2" for a little extra over regular headers.

    13.*Ignition- HEI, or a petronix?

    For the ignition the HEI re-curved is fine for under 350 HP but above that use an MSD dist complete or the following top quality performance ignition. Mark has had GREAT luck with a Pertronix as well so do not count that out for a cheeper solution with the old points style apearance. Another way is to have daves smallboddies build you a dist.

    This is what I am going to use:
    Cap and Rotor Kit
    For GM V8 HEI

    HEI Low Resistance Bushing

    Extreme HEI Coil Dust Cover
    With Wire Retainers
    External Mounted Coil

    Digital-6 Plus Ignition

    Blaster HVC Coil

    14*Anything new to report in this department?
    Oiling system-TA sells a drill bit to enlarge passages, we can use the oversized TA pickup, adjustable regulator, order new front cover from anywhere even parts stores, a dry sump setup is in the works in my brain at least....Grooved cam bearings, baffle added to oil pan some other little tricks

    15*Bring me up to date on the hot modifications
    Timing cover-order one or use a good used one
    16*Still readily available new
    Harmonic ballancer-do not use v6 ballancer, TA will get you setup with the right ballancer upon request I think
    17*Still available new? Any trick pieces available yet?
    Gessler has steel shims in stock for the 350, Gaskets-to-Go made us multilayered gaskets and will make another run once enough more people need them even though Cometic wants a minimum of well over 20 before it would consider it. The Gaskets to go were great to work with and offered flexable ordering and custom options like different bores without extra cost. Now we have re-usable head gaskets in ANY bore size, height, ect for any modified 350 application.

    Nitrous run videos! Nicks car in the mid 12s has stock intake, heads, cam, manifolds, no rebuild all stock! while Guys car has a fully built 350 that has been running hard since the 90s without a rebuild!

    Marks Turbo car:


    Go 350 Movement![/quote]

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    Please feel free to add to this thread. There are many other great threads this is just a few.
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    tack on the TA SP intake and heads thread.
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    You forgot the tread on how to gernade a 350 :Dou:
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    Ya Kinda, We will see how bad it is. :Dou:
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    Phil: what happened to your nice build? Like my Z06?:cool:

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    Say What?? Tell me it isn't so man!
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    what about the johnny lightning 4 piece sp mopar intake?
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    bump for newbies....
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    well this thread is technicaly stickied via hot linked on the 350 performance parts and services thread!:gp:
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    why has the 1021 hp buick 350 thread titled "just a tease" been deleted?!?!?!
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    Deleted by the original poster, as is his perogative.
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    Deleted by the original poster, as is his perogative.


    why you wanna do us like that, mang? is the magazine article finally going to come out?
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    that was like the most innovated thread for the sbb section too :(
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    NOT COOL!! Why?!?!?!?!?!:af::af::af::af::af::af::af::af::af:

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