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    not mine

    1970 Buick GS 455 Numbers Matching full frame up resto, tons invested nicest around, award winner! Numbers matching, TA stage 2 heads, TA cam, all high dollar, headers, no exhaust manifolds, 3" exhaust, all stainless steel, flowmaster, Original color, passenger mirror is a rare option. Trans original 400 auto, built up. A/C converted to R134 (original compressor rebuilt can drive normal or manual shift if you wanted to), ALL GM parts, Differential original but rebuilt with Eaton posi 373 gears. 2800 stall. Temp always stays between 160-190 no matter how hot or cold. Oil pressure on idle 25psi, running 40-60psi which is very healthy for a Buick engine. Runs on premium pump gas. WAY too much to list but this gives an idea. Everything works. Beautiful paint. SUPER straight.
    Scrap book of resto built with all TA performance parts. Stage 2 was the hottest version in 70 but was only installed at the dealer per customer request. Better heads, cam, compression, trans, better ignition. better manifold and carb calibrated for better performance. It DOES have original carb redone by a speciality carb builder (Riggles). Not a race car, it's a street car but done like stock from dealership. It does have drag radials b/c it's got high torque and needs them to hook up. Never dyno but 575 hp with likewise torque. Drives like a normal car, purrs like a kitten but if you want power, you can use it. Everything beefed up to handle power. 3-4k miles on it since completed. (2017) Super high quality built car with more power than stage 1. It's got stage 1 badges but can easily be removed and switched to 455 badging if you wanted. He also has a photo album of restoration, 2 binders of receipts and TCI performance parts book.

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    This is the way I like em. Nice car
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  4. Super Bald Menace

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    Not possible as far as I'm aware
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    Probably meant that it was the original rear axle housing with rebuilt internal parts. That said did they make 3:73 gears for a 8.2 rear axle ?
  6. Super Bald Menace

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    Nope, not for the 68-70 Buick 8.2 thats why its not possible
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    I saw this car on FB GS group. it's nice enough but there are some issues and i hadn't even notices the rear end, prob. an 8.5. If you want hopped up goodies in a stock looking ride it has some.
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    I’m not familiar with a carb guy named ‘Riggles’. Also, I don’t know how a rebuilt A/C compressor affects shifting like it’s a manual.
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    I commented that out of 29 pictures, not one was of the interior and also that the ad was ripe for deletion due to the ambiguity of the content.

    His reply was: "There wasn't a picture of the inside of the glove box either. Oh no!"

    Anyone who's been on any type of Facebook page can obviously attest to seeing comments that are way off the charts. I thought I had injected some humor into mine, especially taking into account the car is listed for $78K and the pictures are subpar, at best.

    The broker apparently didn't see the humor and felt compelled to inbox me a good "talking to" and then block me.
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    Want me to report it as a scam, just to push back doesn't deserve to sell....
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    Yes, but you got 5 of the headlights and the little eyelid things on them, 5 of the trunk, 1 weird thumb pic and a finger pic. So, you should know everything you need to know to pony up $78.5k for this non-dynoed 575 hp engine that purrs.
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    Maybe Cluff Riggles can tell us about the carb…

    …And, in all fairness, it is listed on ‘haggle me’ dotcom, not ‘I know what it’s worth leave me alone!’ dotcom…
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    Taking into account it's 2023: any for sale ad should not only include pictures of everything but also feature video of the car cold starting, driving and stopping.

    Call me crazy but that's just my thinking. Seems some people don't realize how far reaching the internet can be...
  14. Dano

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    And for $78k maybe spring for a Sloan/Wayne Roberts & a pic of the trim tag (yes, inclusive of "everything"). The emblems (S1 & wrong location) would do it for me (& probably not easily fixable as stated) but that's me. Otherwise, based on the description & what we can see it seems like a badass car although $78k for a non S1 car may be a bit ambitious but you sure couldn't build one for that.
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    Passenger mirror is a rare option.

    That's random.
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    Esp. considering it wasn't a factory option.
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    Give me a rust free GS and I’ll build you one for That!!

    BTW that’s the Consignment place I bought the 73 Survivor from, they were very nice and helpful.
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    Ultra rare now you see it, now you don't, passenger mirror.
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    Is that the Houdini mirror?
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