68-72 Skylark GS Convertible Rear 1/4 Window Regulators & Window Track Setup

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  1. mrskylark71

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    68 69 70 71 72 Skylark GS convertible rear 1/4 window regulators and window track setup--clean real GM parts-- $150
    Rear 1/4 glass-- non-tinted --$75 per side
    Plus shipping from CT 06410.
    Also have same setup for a hardtop if you do not have a convertible.
    Call 203-651-9990. or email ros6872@hotmail.com
    I have lots of 68 -72 Convertible parts--
    Thanks for looking!

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  2. fastdavedk

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    I need convertible rear window power window regulators; if you have them.
  3. mrskylark71

    mrskylark71 Well-Known Member

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