66 Wildcat floor- HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Parts wanted' started by wildcat66, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. wildcat66

    wildcat66 New Member

    Im restoring a 1966 Wildcat convertible. Its actually in really good Shape, just needs new floors, and im stumped. Ive looked all over but no one sells the floor. Does anyone know if any model shared the same floor type as the wildcat? Thanks a bunch- Moe
  2. TODD'S 67

    TODD'S 67 Time for another Buick!

    I have a 4 door with good floors, where are u located?
  3. kiwidave

    kiwidave Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you are sorted mate, but just for info.....my local shop used a same-year Impala floor pan to replace a rusted-out one in my 68 Wildcat...with a bit of judicious use of the No.1 tool (hammer :Brow: ) they made it work really good.
  4. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Hey Moe... I have a 64-65 Wildcat floor console with shifter in case you were interested once you get the new floors installed.. :Brow:

    Wheelz, Tampa Bay
  5. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    this is a 68 Impala four door floor, it should be the same as a 68 Impala two door, as the frames all interchanged for 65 - 70 Chev two door / four door sedan / hardtop. Convertible and wagon frames should be different. Would suspect that there are subtle divisional differences between the Chev. and the Buick frames and floors. The convertible Impala, as your Wildcat convertible probably has additional floor braces under the floor sheet metal. Doubt you'd want to ship this, but $300 for entire floor w/ rockers cut out and palletized. $500 for entire Impala remains, including frame, rear end, and all of tub with doors. (oldsmobile engine seen in car w/ trans has been removed and parted out).

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  6. lrlforfun

    lrlforfun Well-Known Member

    OK Wildcat66. I'm parting a 66 Lesabre coupe that is rust free. The floor pans are a dream come true. This is a long shot post for a few reasons.....

    1. You don't say where you're from.
    2. Several others before me claim short cuts...which very well could work
    3. It's a lot of work properly cutting and shipping such large and bulky parts.

    I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mitch
  7. newmexguy

    newmexguy Well-Known Member

    It's a lot of work properly cutting and shipping such large and bulky parts - AMEN
  8. TODD'S 67

    TODD'S 67 Time for another Buick!

    No doubt! I'm not shipping floors!
  9. wildcat66

    wildcat66 New Member

    Thanks guys, im in NJ and yea the floors are hard to ship i understand. Im gonna try to get the rusted parts cut out and mended with new metal, hopefully that would work. But im putting that on the side right now, got a ' Chevy 57 210 from the Lambrecht auctions in Nebraska im tryna work on right now. Appreciate your feedback.
  10. vernonjg

    vernonjg Member

    Cars Inc is selling patch panels, bracing, and complete welded floor assemblies for the 65-70 big GM cars. Most of the parts are Japanese made, so will require a little extra work to make perfect. There are other places selling these on the internet. I just happen to live near this supplier. When you do your search look for Impala floor parts. The guys at CARS also told me that the black coated parts are usually the Japanese stuff and the bare parts are made in the US or Canada. I am pretty hyped about these relatively new products because I need to replace the complete floor in my convertible. They also have the complete trunk.
  11. 66wildcat

    66wildcat Well-Known Member

    Just went to CARS website (www.oldbuickparts.com) and do not see any floors or trunks for 65 - 70 big cars. I see the 61 - 64 floors and trunks that they have listed for a few years.
    I may be looking in the wrong place, so please post a link. I may be more interested in a new trunk floor as opposed to what I have that will need to be spliced and patched together.

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