1972 T-3 headlights

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  1. ss4825

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    Unfortunately Reliable can't get down the street where I store my cars. When they delivered last night at 9:00 pm my initial thought was to drive my 72 Stage1 to the warehouse with the headlights off however the State Police were out in force and I had to turn my low beams on for about a mile. Of course they burned out as soon as I turned off the main road. So I need a set of 1972 T-3 Low beams if anyone has some.

    Thanks. And Happy Thanksgiving.
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  2. Dano

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    I've been keeping an eye out for them whenever I see headlight bulbs. Don't need them per se but know they're difficult to get.
  3. pbr400

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    Are the ‘72 style T-3s more fragile? (I do know they’re one year only, thus obviously harder to find.) I spoke to a ‘72 GTO owner at MCACN and he had a set and was worried about blowing them (and I think had that happen to him before). I’ve run original ‘68-‘71 T-3s in both my driver ‘68s and only lost a couple in a decade or more.
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  4. BrianTrick

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    I have an assortment of T-3’s,and yes,72 is different. I will see what I have.
  5. 72STAGE1

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    Are these the same for a ‘72? 9D5159AE-95A9-4DBB-A12A-7B0570F76057.png
  6. ss4825

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    Unfortunately those are not correct for a 72. In 72 the T-3 triangle is at the bottom center of the bulb.
  7. 72STAGE1

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    Good information thanks
  8. ss4825

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